One More In High School!

Yes, my friends, it’s true…kids do grow up!

Today my youngest daughter and I are off to register her in high school for september. I can’t believe how fast they grow up, really! It could take your breath away. It’s so awesome watching it happen. LOL, I think I’m getting sentimental or something but I love watching the transformation from child to adult…

In other news, I hope to be finished the main body of the hexacomb cardigan today…we have karate so I’ll be taking it for an hour of uninterrupted knitting. Semi-uninterrupted I guess is more accurate! One of the moms, on tuesday, made a comment about how I must have ‘endless’ time on my hands to knit and when I told her I made the wool she was even more…umm..sarcastic? Why do people act like that? Why must people assume that because they sit idle, we all must? Everyone (I’m sure) takes time out to sit, to watch tv, to listen to music, whatever. I just use that time and keep my hands busy whilst doing that. It would be nice to have more positive responses rather than this assumption that I must not do anything else. I should have shown her the blisters on my hands and told her about the two loads of laundry I washed that day but I thought it would be kind of petty and defensive to start listing my actual activities, lol. It’s part of a lesson, I suppose…about not worrying about what she or anyone else thinks…after all (as Mother Theresa said)…it’s not between me and her, it never was…it’s between God and me. That’s a rough paraphrase of a great quote I once read which really stuck with me.

Must get ready for the day…enjoy!

One thought on “One More In High School!

  1. I’m thinking that people who disparage our knitting are jealous. My theory anyway. The old saying that if you want something done, to give it to a busy person holds true for we who are driven to spin and knit and crochet and weave and whatever else our creativity demands. :O) I have a neighbour in whose house there is no evidence of craft. Other than a few books, not even bookshelves full, she gardens, which is definitely creative, but there are no baskets of yarn or clay drying or anything interesting! We’re all different aren’t we. But my neighbour’s choices are hers, that’s all. I feel fortunate to have grown up with the evidence of busy creative people, my parents, It’s in the genes???

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