What an excellent day! Beautiful weather – sunny and clear – warm even!

I have laundry!!! Whoever invented the washing machine was a genius and best friend to mothers everywhere 🙂 I’m hanging it out as we don’t have a dryer – well, can’t access our dryer (another story). I was able to dry 5 or 6 loads…quite impressive I thought. The wind was just perfect and the spaces are nice and open here so you don’t get the ‘city effect’ where, because of the fences and so many buildings, there is not really any wind to dry anything.

My daughter was feeling sick today so she stubbornly refused to wear the new cardigan I made, even for a picture! Tomorrow she assures me she will so I’ll post a picture asap. She loves it but wants to wear it when she’s dressed nice — a compliment to my efforts I think. 🙂

I tried spinning some of the lincoln lamb roving I recently dyed and it is HARD. No doubt it isn’t recommended for new spinners, lol. It is very much like hair, very smooth fibre, almost feels synthetic or plasticy. It ends up – or has for me! – all hairy and seems overspun when it isn’t even spun enough to hold a string. I’m thinking bailing is ok, lol…I can always come back to it if I’m in the mood to spin it another time. I just cannot imagine what the finished yarn would be good for…maybe something like a purse or a rope! I so love spinning the other fibres I’ve tried so far that I was a little shocked.

I’ve started the Ice Queen knitting and I’m happy with how it looks so far. I’m only a few rows in. I decided to use the amber, pink and blue beads and hope the mix turns out looking nice. I want the 300 bead version and didn’t have 300 of any one colour.

I’ve started writing out my feelings about everything in a journal of sorts, I think it will help me to process my feelings, come to grips with the things I need to…

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