Archive | April 18, 2008

Good Morning :)


I made bread yesterday…it’s delicious! I’ve been making it a lot lately — with store brand white bread going for almost $3 a loaf, it makes sense and in terms of minimal preservatives and chemicals, it also makes sense! I figure it’s foolish to assume the ingredients don’t have preservatives…the flour, yeast, etc but at least there aren’t the added ‘extras’ that you get at the store.

Took a picture of the rising loaves…ok…lol…I’m easily amused 🙂


I love the recipes at breadworld. I downloaded some and printed them out a long time ago. The bread I make day to day is the Top Choice White Bread. Quite simple to make, uses quick rise yeast and a mixer with a dough hook and takes about half an hour to make plus 45 minutes rising and 30 minutes in the oven. I think the whole trick to bread is kneading it the full ten minutes at the end…even IF your arms are falling off after five. 😉

I’m 24/85 rows into knitting Ice Queen with my handspun laceweight and I LOVE how the colours are changing in a regular way in the yarn. It’s very very nice – earthy tones, so soft and the beads are pretty!