Archive | April 20, 2008

New Magazines!

And that means…New patterns I want to knit…and spin for…lol!

I picked up the new Vogue Knitting (Spring/Summer 08)…it features ‘organic style’ and we(me and my daughters) like a few of the designs! Not the norm for us and vogue…so it’s a nice surprise 🙂 Vogue is one of those magazines I have to have but rarely knit from. This issue inspired me to pull out the ‘eyelet candy’ issue from 07 too 🙂


The other one I found was Knit’NStyle’s June 08 issue — featuring Meg Swansen and summer projects. There are more than a couple sweaters/tanks and a shrug we like very much!


The first thing I want to make is the Ribby Tank and Shrug from the Knit’nStyle….

Ribby Tank And Shrug

I’m desperately hoping that I can use the 30/70 seacell/silk blend roving I bought at The Black Lamb for this…wouldn’t it be just beautiful in an ivory silk???!

I began spinning last night…I don’t know how far it’s going to go and could well end up being another little top BUT it’s going to be beautiful regardless!

70/30 seacell/silk

I’m aiming for a two ply dk/light worsted weight. The silk – lets just call it silk, it’s that soft!! – is not difficult to spin but does try to go thick and thin for me yet. I just hope, lol, that the ‘thick’ of one ply meets the ‘thin’ of the other! 🙂

Note to self – buy three bags of the seacell/silk next time…restraint!! What was I thinking?!