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The Handspun Ribby Shrug…

is all done!



It turned out nicely, I think, though it’s much bigger than I expected from looking at the way it fit on the model in the magazine. Now, of course – LOL – I’m not a gauge-checker generally and didn’t check to see what the finished measurements were compared to the specs in the pattern. My original gauge was a little off, I do know. I think the yarn was just a tad too thick to match the pattern’s yarn and that’s where the difference came in.

I guess beginner-spinner-luck can only last so long! 🙂

So…though I love it, I know it’s a little different than it was meant to be 🙂

It’s quite impossible, really, to NOT love this blend…the seacell/silk is awesome on the skin and it makes me crave enough to make a real sweater. Definitely something I’m going to think about next time I’m fiber shopping!

Look how nice it is up close…



I have to finish my taxes!!


I’ve definitely left them ’till the last minute this time.

I’m planning to finish the ‘ribby shrug’ today…I have about two inches left on the final sleeve and then it’s just the cast off and the seaming. Oh, and dropping the stitches 🙂 I’ll post a picture sometime today, I hope! I really like how the yarn looks…I like the ‘homespun’ look and don’t think I always want to get an even yarn. Thick and thin is OK with me!

I’m about ready to admit that jeannie is dead. I’ve lost interest and it seems an awful waste of a beautiful yarn! I rarely bail on a project but I think – in light of the price of the yarn I choose – I will frog it and use the beautiful yarn for something I can WEAR. I wanted to learn how to make the double sided cables and I wanted to learn how to work with dropped stitches. As my dh pointed out (after about an inch or two)… ‘You’ve learned!’. He’s right…I’ve learned and I’ve got so many things I want to knit instead.

I’m beginning to spin the yarn for my son’s sweater. He claimed the grey/black superwash merino I bought at the black lamb. I’ve found a basic jersey pattern at the drops site and I’m planning to use a complicated and really attractive (I think) cable pattern instead of plain stockinette. The boy is in on the planning and he’s loving the plans so far. LOL…I tried to suggest – having found the stitch pattern first and THEN finding the jersey pattern after – that we use the plain jersey and skip the stitch pattern. No way! The boy is learning to like the details 🙂

He wants – and he’s very specific lol – me to spin the black and grey while holding both colours at once and then ply that into a two ply. When we were discussing it, I asked him if I should make one strand grey and one black and then twist those two together. He looked at me like I was speaking another language and said ‘Do you mean PLY??’

At least I know he’s paying attention!!

And no…he does NOT want me to make each ply a seperate colour…he very specifically wants all the colours all the time.

So there’s the day…spinning, taxes, and knitting. The taxes are less traumatic if I tuck them between the knitting and spinning…see? Ahh, and mailing, mailing is important.

Have a fantastic day!