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All Done :)


I can’t wait to knit this up! Final weight is 4.73 oz or 134 grams/408 yards

3 Months Spinning…

I’ve been spinning for exactly three months today. On the wheel, that is…I spent about a month or so with a spindle, learning the basics of twist – getting addicted to spinning and whatnot!

I’m thinking I’d like to create a ‘spinning page’ where I can keep track, with pictures – in one place – of all of the yarns I’ve spun. It’ll help me see my progress as well as helping me remember what I”ve done!

I was an avid hand quilter for a long time when my kids were little. I made many, many quilts – so many I’ve lost track. My biggest mistake was not keeping a record of everything I did, with pictures. Now most of the quilts are gone and my memory, as it turns out, SUCKS LOL.

Here’s a picture of my Rose Garden Handspun, plied, on the bobbin — It turned out really lovely…or at least I love it!


I made this yarn randomly – didn’t measure sections of roving for uniformity or place them in an even, organized pattern – but was thinking, before I made it, of the beautiful hand painted rovings out there. Thinking WHY CANT I DO THE SAME WITH COLOURED ROVINGS? So this was my attempt to mimic the effect of handpainted rovings with a much more affordable substitute! Guessing that this will weigh in at about 4 oz…the savings is significant — I paid about $1.25 for the rovings I used as opposed to the rates of $14+ that I’ve seen (and paid in the past) for a similar amount of roving. Now that is a BIG difference!

The picture is a little dark, I know…here’s one taken this morning outside…on the board…


I ended up with about 400 yards of light to heavy fingering weight yarn…depending on the section…I always have thick/thin sections 🙂

Today it’ll have a little bath and then be dried and weighed later on…

Maybe A 3 Ply After All?


I’m still working on spinning the singles for what WAS going to be a four ply sock yarn. I think, instead, I’m going to do another three ply. I like my sock yarns on the lighter side and these singles look (to me) like they want to be a three ply. LOL, it’s really hard for me to figure out how exactly they should be to make the perfect yarn so I’m totally guessing. One of the wonderful aspects of being a beginner is you get to learn by doing!

The colours say ‘Rose Garden’ to me…I still have no idea how it’s going to come out so I’ll be as surprised as anyone by how it looks plied. Maybe later today, I’ll know 🙂 The third ply is a mixture of all of the colours in my basket which are the same as the first ply (greens/dark blue) and the second (light rose/dark rose) with a lighter pink, and a darker purple mixed in as well.


I had never been as a kid (I have no idea how I managed it!) and it was really really excellent. I didn’t get a chance to see everything…we focused on what the kids wanted to see first…the China exhibit, the dinosaurs!, the Egyptian mummies and the Darwin exhibit. Really very cool. We were all surprised how many of the dinosaurs and early mammals were from right around here!

We are going to be back many times this summer to see the rest and to see what we’ve already seen again though 🙂 The entry fee for our family was going to be $85 and so we bought a family level season pass for $119 instead. Meaning we can (either my husband or myself, or both of us) take any four children we wish so long as we only have four. I can’t wait to take my little nephew…he will really be boggled by all of what he will see 🙂 It’s an amazingly good deal and I think any family would benefit by it, certainly any child.

My first stop next time is the textile exhibit on the top floor. I can’t believe I missed it this time!

The weather is freezing again today…a good day to hibernate and knit or finish my spinning for this yarn, for sure!

Have a good day 🙂

The Candy Stripe Socks!


I made them as sockettes rather than full leg socks but the pattern is very stretchy and the leg length is just a matter of preference. I love how the twisted cables nest together and how the single purl almost looks lacy. I think if I had made them longer and IF (not sure this would be necessary) shaping was required it would be easy enough to add in a second purl stitch in each space between the cables, probably every other space, work a certain number of rows and then every other again, to gradually add girth.


I’m so happy to have finished these 🙂 It’s satisfying to knit the one or two day projects, for me — and I’m happy because they are for my daughter’s 17th birthday which is about a week away.

I had way more yarn than I needed…I think I used just a little more than half of the ball. I realize I should have weighed it before I began — then I’d KNOW what I used! Had nothing here to weigh it with though…I really must get my own scale for yarn – borrowing is less than convenient.

It looks like we’re going to have a sunny weekend 🙂 We’re going to the ROM with the kids on Sunday…I can’t wait! Of all the things around here, somehow I’ve never been to the ROM and it’ll be so fun to discover it with the kids. My husband is even excited about it 🙂

I Can’t Believe It!

I have MISPLACED (I refuse to use the word LOST) so many of my magazines and books and I’ve got no idea how or where or anything!

It all became apparent yesterday when I was looking for a magazine (IK I think?) that had a beautiful sock ‘recipe’ for all sizes, guages, etc…for toe up socks…that I often use when trying to design a new sock pattern…

Thank goodness that I’ve written it out in the past when I wrote the other sock patterns…I didn’t write out the guage charts (sure wish I had!) but at least I could recover the basics of the short row heel that I like to use.

Then my daughter asked for a book, for school, that I haven’t seen in quite a while and had almost forgotten about…leading me to consider all the other books that are missing. If there is any hope of finding them they may be in the basement in one of the unpacked boxes. LOL, at this point I’m wondering how we decided to put thoses boxes down there in the first place or if we were just tired the night we were moving in! Looking through all of them is NOT something I’m looking forward to but I really like knowing where my things are!

I managed to figure out my sock pattern anyways…it’s the Candy Stripe Socks pattern listed in the pages. They use, of course, the Candy Stripe Yarn that I spun from the superwash merino from the black lamb. I’m almost done the first sock…


I thought the twists in this pattern were reminiscent of the twists of candy cane sticks 🙂

I’ve also taken a picture of the spinning I’m working on…the first ply for the four ply….


Enjoy your day 🙂

The Candy Stripe Yarn…

Superwash merino

It turned out so pretty! I love it…

I ended up with just about 300 yards of sock weight (17 wpi give or take depending on where it’s being wrapped) yarn and I’m thinking a pair of socks for one of my girls. I’ll go toe up and that way I can make sure I’m not running short on yarn. I’m not even sure what inspired this foray into the oranges but I’m glad I did it 🙂 I seemed drawn to the cheerful candy colours on my last trip to fibre heaven!

I’m working on a four ply in pinks/purples/greens/who-knows-whats. I’m trying an idea – mixing the colours within each single – hoping to get something more subtle than candy striped with these. We’ll see how it works out…it’s kind of a half-baked idea at the moment and I’ll be as surprised as anyone with the results…BUT, LOL, how else does one figure out what will happen if one doesn’t try?!

My son’s sweater is coming right along but I only knit on it a few hours or less each day…it’s so full of cables that I find it hard on the wrists after a while. I’ve finished 10 inches of the 14 I need before I split for the raglan shaping…I’ve yet to figure out what length the ‘raglan’ part should be or how many stitches I should leave for the front, back, sleeves. Two options…I can look for a pattern and go with the general gist of it (taking into account the guage and changing it accordingly) OR I may just measure the boy!

Noticed the blog counter is at 14,999 hits! It’s amazing to me!

Have a great day!

Making Do :)


I’m trying to spin a three ply with only three bobbins and wanted to come up with a way to make it work without having to wind any of the singles into a ball before plying. Patience isn’t my strong suit, lol, so I didn’t want to wait for a chance to buy a fourth bobbin.

Ta Da….


I spun it on the first three hooks and built a little separator out of a scrap of cardboard — and duckie stickers of course! 🙂



I’ve done half a bobbin of the dark orange on it’s own bobbin (I was still thinking about the problem, lol)


So far, so good! I’m pretty happy with this idea…I’ll let you know how the plying goes 🙂