Archive | May 20, 2008

The Candy Stripe Yarn…

Superwash merino

It turned out so pretty! I love it…

I ended up with just about 300 yards of sock weight (17 wpi give or take depending on where it’s being wrapped) yarn and I’m thinking a pair of socks for one of my girls. I’ll go toe up and that way I can make sure I’m not running short on yarn. I’m not even sure what inspired this foray into the oranges but I’m glad I did it 🙂 I seemed drawn to the cheerful candy colours on my last trip to fibre heaven!

I’m working on a four ply in pinks/purples/greens/who-knows-whats. I’m trying an idea – mixing the colours within each single – hoping to get something more subtle than candy striped with these. We’ll see how it works out…it’s kind of a half-baked idea at the moment and I’ll be as surprised as anyone with the results…BUT, LOL, how else does one figure out what will happen if one doesn’t try?!

My son’s sweater is coming right along but I only knit on it a few hours or less each day…it’s so full of cables that I find it hard on the wrists after a while. I’ve finished 10 inches of the 14 I need before I split for the raglan shaping…I’ve yet to figure out what length the ‘raglan’ part should be or how many stitches I should leave for the front, back, sleeves. Two options…I can look for a pattern and go with the general gist of it (taking into account the guage and changing it accordingly) OR I may just measure the boy!

Noticed the blog counter is at 14,999 hits! It’s amazing to me!

Have a great day!