Archive | May 27, 2008

Maybe A 3 Ply After All?


I’m still working on spinning the singles for what WAS going to be a four ply sock yarn. I think, instead, I’m going to do another three ply. I like my sock yarns on the lighter side and these singles look (to me) like they want to be a three ply. LOL, it’s really hard for me to figure out how exactly they should be to make the perfect yarn so I’m totally guessing. One of the wonderful aspects of being a beginner is you get to learn by doing!

The colours say ‘Rose Garden’ to me…I still have no idea how it’s going to come out so I’ll be as surprised as anyone by how it looks plied. Maybe later today, I’ll know 🙂 The third ply is a mixture of all of the colours in my basket which are the same as the first ply (greens/dark blue) and the second (light rose/dark rose) with a lighter pink, and a darker purple mixed in as well.


I had never been as a kid (I have no idea how I managed it!) and it was really really excellent. I didn’t get a chance to see everything…we focused on what the kids wanted to see first…the China exhibit, the dinosaurs!, the Egyptian mummies and the Darwin exhibit. Really very cool. We were all surprised how many of the dinosaurs and early mammals were from right around here!

We are going to be back many times this summer to see the rest and to see what we’ve already seen again though 🙂 The entry fee for our family was going to be $85 and so we bought a family level season pass for $119 instead. Meaning we can (either my husband or myself, or both of us) take any four children we wish so long as we only have four. I can’t wait to take my little nephew…he will really be boggled by all of what he will see 🙂 It’s an amazingly good deal and I think any family would benefit by it, certainly any child.

My first stop next time is the textile exhibit on the top floor. I can’t believe I missed it this time!

The weather is freezing again today…a good day to hibernate and knit or finish my spinning for this yarn, for sure!

Have a good day 🙂