Archive | June 3, 2008


I feel like I’m going in too many directions, lol. Of course, it’s self inflicted. Trying to do too much at once usually is.

I need to clean the house, really well, the BIG stuff -you know!- walls, floors…all of that. The day to day is fine…I usually sneak a bit of cleaning into every room while I’m there and that keeps it quite manageable most of the time. Unfortunately this other stuff still builds up and needs doing! WHEN will they invent the self cleaning house?!

I had a bad week this last week…first the lovliest week of the month…yeah…which is quite excellent since having the four children…AND a toothache/infection in my lower jaw which was NOT very fun at all. When the pain finally became sharp and stabbing and extended from my ear to my chin I caved and began taking a prescription for a tooth infection. We had the prescription here from my husband (tends to NOT touch his prescriptions!) and though I ‘should’ have gone to the emergency room to be prescribed some of the same thing I made the executive decision to go ahead and take it. It was definitely the right thing my friends! 🙂 The ache is completely gone, the jaw is feeling much better and the swelling is going down. The positives took over after only two doses where advil hadn’t touched the pain for the past two days. I’m going to take the prescription correctly and finish the week’s worth…then I’m going to call my dentist and have this tooth or teeth (I suspect it’s two teeth) pulled. That’s another story…aging with bad teeth isn’t a pretty thing…I hate how my teeth are but they are and I have to accept reality, right?!

I need to finish the pair of child socks I started a couple days ago with the left over ‘candy stripe yarn’. And NO, I don’t know a child who can wear them…a very random effort geared toward some fabulous day when I can accumulate anough ‘extra’ knitting to rent a stall at a Christmas sale or something.


I need, also, to finish the dishcloth I started yesterday…I can’t quite say but I think I was feeling bored, lol. It looked easy and quick…I was in the mood for easy and quick!


I need? ok, want 🙂 to finish the spinning I’ve started…working toward a cabled sock yarn. I’ve never done a cabled yarn and so, in the spirit of learning everything I can – I’m working on some. I want to work from full bobbins this time though, so – IF I’m really lucky and it works out well – I can make more than socks with it in the end.