So, I DO have a new *really old* weaving loom!

Knowing nothing at all about them, I’m fiddling away trying to figure out how it needs to be put together and whatnot. It’s quite the adventure so far, LOL!

So, first we had this;



After searching through some pictures of vintage looms on the internet, I’ve gotten this far, so far…

At the least we’ve figured out which side is up 🙂


It has been stored for 20 years without being used, I’ve learned. I definitely think it needs some restoration before being used…at least some oiling and cleaning…many of the parts are rusted so maybe a fine sandpaper will be useful too?

It came complete with the original agreement (that is is not to be sold and that it is to be used or given to someone who will use it – UNLESS Seneca College reinstated the weaving program…the original agreement was that in that case the looms would all come back to the college) and a book – Home Weaving by Oscar Beriau – 1954 Edition!

A very cool quote from a site I just found…

“Oscar A. Beriau, author, inventor, educational director, advisor and promoter of weaving and handicrafts in Canada beginning in the 1920’s. His book “Home Weaving” (“Tissage Domestique”) is still considered one of the bibles of weaving. Today, over fifty years after his death, weavers and other craftspersons still cherish his books and contributions.”

As it turns out, the loom came from a lady who was a member of the Weavers Guild and who passed it to her son…his wife ended up with the loom and has been storing it – looking for someone who would use it – these past 20 years 🙂 She even offered it to a museum who (lucky for me) did not call back.

I’m feeling pretty fortunate right now!!

I figure I’ll hope for some great tips on what I’m doing and in the meantime I’m going to read through this book…it has so much information on the basics of weaving and looms…for when I’m ‘good’ enough there are even all kinds of things about how to make different fabrics.

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