Archive | June 18, 2008

Excellent :)

I’m really happy…we’ve gotten this baby all clean and *I THINK* working!  Being that I’ve never woven anything on it yet or tried, I’m not sure.

I had to retie the pedels to the lams, had NO idea how they are really supposed to be…was working with only four of the six heddles…SO I tied two to each, in an even fashion.  I also waxed the grooves, adjusted one with a shim (the wood had ‘moved’ over into the next space).

I was short two of the metal rods, so I bought rod in length at the hardware store and cut it with a hacksaw to make two more.  I’m still missing the two wooden sticks and I need to figure out a shuttle of some sort.


Check out the rust when we started!!



A bit of a ‘before and after’.  The pulleys are beautiful brass and cleaned up so nicely.


The reed is worrisome…look at that rust!  I think I got all of it out.  The reed says ‘nilus leclerc’ 27 inch 15 dent.  I’m happy so say, assuming the height is the same, I should be able to buy more reeds if I need to or want to.