Archive | June 21, 2008

Mystery Pullies….

I’m trying to figure out what these pullies are on my weaving loom. Hopefully these pictures help explain what I mean 🙂

There are these brackets on either side…


Leading up to three pulleys…


The pulleys and the brackets/slots are on either side and I have no clue what they are for! It seems if you ran rope through them, and though the pulleys it would travel over the center pulleys which are attached to the heddle frames.


A 50 Cent Shetland Shorty Shrug!

I used a mystery yarn to make this pattern from knitty.  The yarn was found at a second hand store for 50 cents.  It has a tag which reads “product number 2L935, 2/6 merino yarn, 100% wool, shade moss, product of Canada, Imported and Distributed by Gerald H Whitaker Ltd/Inc Canada/USA”


I didn’t know for sure if there was enough yardage to make this BUT there was MORE than enough 🙂

It’s for my daughter’s grad, to go over her dress in church… (her dress is teal)


I’m trying to finish things up…too many wips for me!! I’m working on my little lace socks right now and then want to finish spinning the first two plies for the (possibly) cabled yarn I was trying to spin.

If I ever finish these things all up, I’m going to reward myself by knitting the apres surf hoodie from the new IK. I have some fuzzy yarn in my stash that looks just right 😉