Archive | June 30, 2008

Double Knit!

I’m making ‘We Call Them Pirates’ for my husband, for our anniversary. Probably a funny gift but he doesn’t ‘do’ knits normally and WILL wear a hat in the winter – he works outside. Being Mr. I-Dont-Need-Anything, this should be a good gift!


I’m substituting Knitpicks ‘palette’ in orange and grey and doing it as a double knit on a larger needle. It seems I’m getting correct guage…we’ll see, lol. This is the first time I’ve knitted anything double knit and I’m in love with the whole concept right now! Very cool way to use up a lot of the palette colours I have…I’ve envisioning hats and mittens and scarves (and days that last 38 hours!). You could do a lot of very cool stuff with this double knit thing 🙂

I found an excellent tutorial here, on how to cast on and cast off. The only thing it took me a minute to grasp was moving the yarns out of the way, keeping them on their ‘own’ sides of the work so the sides remain seperate until yarns are crossed.

It’s going to be a marathon effort today…I highly doubt I can finish before tomorrow, BUT, here’s to trying!