Archive | July 3, 2008

Lots On The Go…

I think it’s the project-itis acting up again, lol. I’ve started the Medallion Top (#31) from the Spring/Summer Vogue for my best friend and that means I have FOUR projects on the go!


I’m praying that I have enough yarn. I’m using a mystery stash yarn (Eaton’s ‘perle’ acrylic) and don’t even know for sure how much is on each ball.

The double knit pirates hat is coming along…it’s now in second place since dh can’t wear it until summer is over anyways. The Medallion Top I’m hoping to finish before next weekend. Yes – 9 days. Then there is the silky soft apres surf hoodie (FOR ME!) — I’d really like to be wearing that asap. Finally, my son’s handspun cable sweater. Deadline on that one is August so I’m doing ok 🙂

Ok, off to knit. I’m about halfway to the armhole shaping on the back so far. I LOVE the lace – ok, most lace! – and I’m finding it easy to follow the pattern now 🙂