Archive | July 10, 2008

A Very Pretty Painting…


The photo isn’t doing it justice but I found this very beautiful oil painting at the local second hand store today…I just love it! 🙂

It’s small…about 7″ x 10″ and perhaps not ‘worth’ anything but I really liked it, the picture, the colours, the look.

Great Expectations…

Yeah, lol.

I definitely overestimated the amount of knitting I could get done this week!! Once I gave up on the mission (of finishing the medallion top by tomorrow) I turned to a really GOOD book my friend gave me…


I’ve only read a little but it’s great so far…I highly recommend it.

I also worked a few rows of the double knit pirates hat…I’m beginning the decreases now (about ten rows earlier than the pattern calls for)


I’m up to the end of the side slits on the front of the medallion top… (did you know your hands will seize if you knit too much at once – or at least mine were! – maybe it’s because the acrylic has less give)

I’m glad the kids are coming home this weekend…I can’t believe how empty the house is without them…they make our house a home.

I’ve been visiting with my little nephew this week – his first sleepover (oh yes, and apparently I am the best aunt in the world! 🙂 ) We went and bought a pile of books yesterday (25 cents each, who can beat that?) and one of them was ‘critters first sleepover’ – PERFECT! He’s doing fantastic with staying and hasn’t had a meltdown…I’m very proud of him 🙂 Today we’re jumping on the trampoline, taking the dogs for a walk to the school yard and probably going back for more wonderful used books. Mom comes home tonight 🙂