4 thoughts on “Finished The Hat :)

  1. Wow Lisa!
    I know i should be used to your talents by now,
    but I’m still shocked.
    It’s amazing!
    I bet it’d take quite a long time for me to knit like that,
    considering the dropped stitches on my scarf in the making. 😛

  2. Thanks Rachel! 🙂

    You’ll be surprised how much you can make once you get the hang of it some more! I can teach you how to double knit as soon as you’re ready 🙂

    Dropped stitches are such a normal thing at first — wish I could show you how to pick them back up! You will need to weave them back through using a crochet hook…

    We’ll be back in a month or so – the kids say hi and they had a lot of fun at your house 🙂 Give everyone a hug for us!

  3. Jo, Thanks 🙂 It fits him perfectly doesn’t it? Fit is always my worry with something like that…NOT a project I wanted to be frogging back or anything drastic!

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