Archive | July 16, 2008

Felting is FUN!

I guess I needed a little break from bigger projects this week…I’m in the mood for quick and satisfying 🙂

My kids and I have been experimenting with needle felting and having a lot of fun with it. That led me to think about things I could knit and felt and then apply needle felted accents to. THAT led to a couple of knitted ipod cozies and a vase, some baby booties and another vase-in-the-making. Nothing is accented yet (let alone dry!) but we’ll be getting to that soon 🙂

My daughter was acting as wish-wash-woman but the sink method is too slow for us…we ended up using the washing machine after all…

Fun though!



The cozies and the first vase are still drying…


I haven’t seamed the bottom of the blue one yet. I wanted to see which worked out nicer. They are both made with two strands of knitpicks palette held together. I have most of a sampler pack left which is coming in handy for this foray into felting!

The vase…


The idea of creating fibre scupture is so intriguing for me…imagine the possibilities!

The booties aren’t felted yet…lol, in fact the second bootie hasn’t even been seamed yet. Ok, I was sidetracked!


Right now I’m working on another vase, bigger than the first. I’m trying something — using strips of roving here and there. I want to see how it looks once felted… 🙂


I really like the colours in this and can’t wait to see how it turns out 🙂

So, no worries…we’re keeping busy!