New Wool…

I haven’t been buying a lot of new wool lately.

I’m trying to knit from my – quite considerable – stash yarns. I mean, I don’t have 16 bins or anything but I have more than a trunk full and yarn isn’t happy until somebody plays with it! Some of my yarn is red heart acrylic gifted to me and so is destined to sit FOREVER or until I’m in the mood to knit something it suits. I used some of it to make my Christmas Tree Skirt, for example. I’m seriously considering giving some or most of it to the local second hand shop. They support World Vision, so a worthy cause πŸ™‚

The ‘nicer’ yarns have been going into my recent felting frenzy…especially the Knitpicks palette sampler yarns. So much so that last night I went to the Knitpicks site to see what the sampler is offered for, ONLY TO DISCOVER that they don’t offer the sampler anymore?!! Ok, I realize I can order the same thing, ball by ball, for a similar price BUT why not offer the complete range of colour as a set? Just doesn’t make sense to me. Really, not at all. The sampler pack was one of the best purchases I’ve made in all time – best value and so much fun having all the colours.

My latest find, yarn-wise, is Bernat Felting Natural Wool

New Iris;


It’s a bulky weight, 84 yards/75 grams. I think it would be fantastic for felting (Aren’t I a genius, since the label SAYS felting?) or for winter hats/scarves/mittens. The colours are quite nice and the price is right – $3.99/ball at Zellers (yes, Zellers). Not sure what they price it at but I’m sure Michaels carries it as well.

I’m thinking I’ll keep picking up a ball or two a week and hoard it until I’m sure what to make with it. The only way to keep the stash healthy is to feed it, lol.

Ahh, almost forgot. I found the BEST site for felting patterns. It’s at the KnittyChick site ( and seems to have an excellent list of links to free felting patterns. If you’re interested in felting or looking for more patterns, check it out!

My son is sans sisters these days…the girls are all galivanting with friends. We bought him a really nice set of k’nex so he has something to work on. (Yes, ok, it was at the Zellers, lol — the toys are 30% off right now!!) He’s a really good boy and doesn’t have a lot to do this summer because we so recently moved here. It’s great to see him busy and smiling πŸ™‚

His first creation…


Off to knitting! Have a great day πŸ™‚

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