Archive | August 4, 2008

Some Slippers And A Frog…

I’ve already begun knitting up some of the coned wool — the lambswool, specifically.

I made a pair of Cable Guy Felted Slippers for my cousin’s father in Newfoundland, for Christmas. I’m still wavering on whether it’s best to felt them NOW or to send them, unfelted, with instructions, for a perfect fit. I prefer the perfect fit method but I worry that it may get, somehow, messed up on the other end. Or, heaven forbid, they may wreck the washing machine if they don’t follow the instructions. It’s hard to enforce instructions from a few provinces away!

Not the best picture…


I’m starting another sweater for my son…attempt number two! The first, (if you recall), was done with my silver lights handspun. It’s turning out nice but, if I’m being perfectly honest…the guage is wrong for the wool. SO! I’ve frogged it and started another pattern with the lambswool. I’ll have to handwash it, of course, but so be it.

I’ll make the boy a sweater/hat/mitten set from the handspun…superwash is perfect for those things anyways 🙂

My other wip’s are still lounging in work-in-progress-land…