Archive | August 7, 2008


done my son’s sweater! I’m actually almost done the first sleeve BUT that counts as almost 🙂


I like how the yarn is knitting up…hopefully once washed it will be a lot fuller and more ‘relaxed’ — I have no doubt really since it is oiled for machine use right now. Once the oil is out, it will be a different wool. The oil comes off slightly on my tension finger, as I knit. I was reading, yesterday, that textile grade wool is often much better than ‘hobby’ grade sold for hand knitting. Since I am unable to find a 100% lambswool sold by spinrite (for hand knitting), I’m guessing this must be the textile wool.

It’s rainy again, here anyways…on the bright side – yes, oh yes! – I am getting a dryer sometime this weekend! It’s been a bit awkward trying to keep up with laundry while only drying outside this summer!

I had an amazing idea last night 🙂 I’ve been pondering the possibilities of making up my own felted clog type slipper pattern — I don’t have five dollars on a credit card at the moment, lol. It’s the ‘invention fueled by necessity’ thing. Oh, ok, the slippers may not be completely NECESSARY but we really really want some, lol. My son has a leather pair of clog slippers that he just loves…and which is excellent for looking at and pondering the pattern.

I really think I have a workable idea, so long as I can figure out the math. An idea in the making at the moment — I’ll let you know how it works out – IF it works out, I’ll likely write it out as a free pattern. I’m going to work with the wine coloured coned wool…there is lots there for trial and error!

My slipper plans are motivating me to finish the sweater faster 🙂