Archive | August 12, 2008


I haven’t been sleeping well AT ALL lately…

I had a tooth pulled on Saturday and it went not-quite-so-well. It was not a molar, and didn’t pull easily. My jaw hasn’t stopped aching since, except when the tylenol (3’s) and the advil are at their peak – that’s my moment of peace, usually lasting about 2 hours, somewhere in the midst of the 6 hours between doses. The tooth kept breaking down and he basically had to scrape it out of the bone. I was warned it would hurt…and it does! This is the third day – may the pain end soon!

This is making a root canal look easy. If my teeth weren’t so brittle and my purse not so light, I would have considered root canaling it but I’ve been down that road and I just end up with a broken off tooth anyways.

I’ve been web browsing and I found a few neat sites! The Knitting Daily Tv site and the Classic Elite Yarns site. Both have free patterns (nice ones too!) and other resources. Who knew? Insomnia is good for something 🙂

The list of projects to be is getting longer, lol — I’ve found too many to mention that I want to knit next!