Archive | August 16, 2008

Some Kind Of Crazy Art…


I’m using all my odd yarns…the ones I’m not sure what to do with! See, everything, yes – everything! has a purpose, if you just wait long enough 🙂

It’s a little bit crazy and a little bit awesome and a WHOLE LOT of satisfying! It’s a project I would classify as ‘real’ art – freeform and really fulfilling, if a little confusing!, to create. I’m really enjoying it.

In other news…I’m almost done the front of the Medallion sweater for my friend, Tina. I think she’s going to love it! The back is already finished so it won’t be too long now 🙂 Soon, Tina, soon! I’m hoping it will be ready for fall – I think I’m right on track.

I’m totally considering frogging the apres surf hoodie. It was/is for me and I just don’t care all that much about finishing it at this point. My attention has wandered, lol.

The sun is shining and it looks like a beautiful day! Enjoy 🙂