Getting Ready For School…

So, yesterday we went back to school shopping with a couple of the kids. We ended up getting some very nice clothes…thank goodness for sales!! I noticed that knits are EVERYWHERE – as they should be, lol 🙂

Earlier this week I super cleaned the house – there’s more to do yet but I’m getting there. I always feel so much better when everthing is in order at back to school time. Somehow it feels like it all gets away a bit during the summer. The house looks great and my son was so cute. I mentioned that I feel better when it’s all done (walls were washed, carpets were steam cleaned) and he answered ‘we ALL feel better!’. Made me feel good and reinforced what I’ve always felt – the kids are happier and calmer when the house is clean and organized. Less stress for everyone!

I’ve spent the morning looking around the ‘net for patterns that my daughters may like. The current styles seem to be fitted, a lot of short sleeves and three quarter length sleeves, plenty of cables and lace done on larger needles as layering pieces…and lots of argyle patterns. Not as easy to find in the knitting patterns BUT I’ve found at least one…


It’s Drops pattern 100-6, if anyone is interested in making it. The pattern calls for cotton but I’m going ahead and subbing wool, probably superwash handspun – yet to be created 🙂 I could see this for my daughters or for myself, we’ll see!

I’ve been working on the crazy carpet blanket, crocheted from yarns in my stash…


I’m really enjoying making this 🙂 Really a lot of fun!


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