Archive | August 28, 2008

Learning Experience…

My pieces have felted and I’ve learned a thing or two…


You do lose more than a third of the height of a knitted piece, or, more accurately, I do! I think it may be ok, but it’s not the size I wanted. A really good reason to try again 🙂

The granite did bubble a little because it felted a little more slowly. I should have decreased a few stitches when I began knitting the top band. Live and learn 🙂 I think it will be ok once I add a binding to the top and line it…we’ll see…

The bottom (entirely granite) is, perhaps, larger than I would like. This is something I won’t really know until the bag is pieced together. I could always run it through the wash once more to reduce it a little.

I’m needle felting outlines, to accent the pattern…

Just beginning,


The bag that inspired me uses the same yarns as accents but I like the contrast created by using different shades and colours…

I’m using felting roving purchased at that fabulous place, The Black Lamb…



A Little Creative Idea…


I’m trying to design a felted bag. I was inspired by a pattern I really like but cannot afford. It got me thinking that I could do a similar thing, simply by figuring out the proportions and graphing a design. The graphing was easy. The proportions are a little more challenging! LOL.

I know that theoretically, the pieces will shrink by 1/4 width-wise and 1/3 length-wise. In THEORY.

I should end up with about 9″ x 15″ (bottom) and about 12-13″ tall. Should. I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

Here is a picture of the knitted piece, before felting…


I’m constructing it of two equal panels joined at the centre sides. I’m planning to needle felt it and then sew it together and line it with the sewing machine.


I used Bernat Felting Natual Wool (chunky weight) – 3 balls of the pink/natural, 1 ball of the blue, 1 ball of the darker pink – some of the coned spinrite granite (doubled as it’s worsted weight) – some of the coned burgundy spinrite wool – and some handspun green/blue blend which I hardly spun at all and did not set the twist in, at all.

So far the bag has cost me 14 dollars! 🙂 The one I was lusting after would cost $400 or so I’ve heard from those that have priced the supplies as called for in the pattern. A little rich for my wallet, lol.

As I type, it’s felting in the washer. I’m a little worried about the different rate of felting for the different wools. If worst comes to worst, I can always cut and then adjust the pattern as I need to once the felting forms a solid fabric…or that’s what I’m thinking, anyways 🙂

Wish me luck!