Learning Experience…

My pieces have felted and I’ve learned a thing or two…


You do lose more than a third of the height of a knitted piece, or, more accurately, I do! I think it may be ok, but it’s not the size I wanted. A really good reason to try again 🙂

The granite did bubble a little because it felted a little more slowly. I should have decreased a few stitches when I began knitting the top band. Live and learn 🙂 I think it will be ok once I add a binding to the top and line it…we’ll see…

The bottom (entirely granite) is, perhaps, larger than I would like. This is something I won’t really know until the bag is pieced together. I could always run it through the wash once more to reduce it a little.

I’m needle felting outlines, to accent the pattern…

Just beginning,


The bag that inspired me uses the same yarns as accents but I like the contrast created by using different shades and colours…

I’m using felting roving purchased at that fabulous place, The Black Lamb…



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