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I Feel Like Getting Cozy

So I’ve decided that my cone of silky wool (unknown really but I can tell it is natural fibres and very very soft) wants to become a Laminaria shawl!

It’s perfect for a shawl and there is lots of it on the cone. I can’t wait to cuddle up in this 🙂 I’m using a 4 mm needle and I like how it drapes so far.


Of course, this means I had to frog the apres surf hoodie I was working on – 🙂


A Lacy Little Hat – Cute As Can Be :)

I wanted a quick something to work on last night…I chose the Beaufort hat by Angela Hahn (which I thought was just beautiful to begin with!) and used two strands of laceweight in place of the called for aran weight yarn.


Ta Da…



Really cute, a perfect fit and very comfy! I think I’ll be making more of these 🙂

Drop Stitch Scarf

Maggie’s Scarf came out beautiful! I used up all the amoroso and it’s about 45″ long.


I think I need to start a Christmas page to keep track of what for whom — lol, many a year I find gifts I’ve had put away which are still ‘away’ because I forgot them!

Winter’s On It’s Way…

The geese are flying, the leaves are beginning to turn and the nights are getting COLD!

Winter seems to be around the corner, here in Ontario. I’ve decided to concentrate on gifts and warm woolies now – with carpets and such as a bit of relief at the end of the day 🙂

I’ve completed a set for my son. It’s a matching scarf/hat set made with my Silverlights Handspun superwash merino (rovings purchased at The Black Lamb in Port Hope), using the ‘Rainy Day Scarf’ pattern for the scarf and a variation of that stitch in my hat pattern.

What do you think?



Now I’m working on a Drop Stitch Scarf for my daughter, using the leftovers from a sweater project last year – the Amoroso Malabrigo worsted. I have about a ball and a half left over so I’m really keeping my fingers crossed. In my perfect world I’d have enough left to make the hat as well.

I’m quite nervous waiting for an appointment I have coming up with a surgeon. I’ve got some sort of cyst (yes-think cyst) problem going on and have already had an ultrasound. In about a week and a half I’ll have a better idea what the actual problem is.

Keeping myself busy is the best I can do.

Spin The Stress Away!


I’ve been wanting to make this sweater for a while – it’s been in my ravelry waiting on me. I decided to start spinning some superwash for it and I’m hoping I have enough of this green to get 600 or so yards.

I like to spin when I’m stressed. It’s so calming, I find. I’ve been having some (TMI) women’s health issues – I’ve seen a doctor and have appointments set up within the next few weeks with the appropriate specialists. Here’s hoping it’s not the nasty ‘C’ thing. The doc’s I saw have no idea.

I’ve made a few changes…I’m drinking more tea than coffee…cutting down on my smoking…eating really well…doing what I can to feel better, if even only in my head. I’m almost 40 – it’s time to get healthy. I’ve just always been so healthy that I take it for granted. Not a good idea.

I’m feeling all worn out but I’m guessing that’s stress.