Archive | September 2, 2008

And They’re Off To School :)

I can’t believe it’s already the end of summer! Wow, that went fast…

I’m totally scattered, craft wise. I feel like making so many different things lately, lol. I’ve started a hooked rug using polar fleece I had around the house…(after pulling out three large bins and sorting the fabric – what a mess)…


Of course, I couldn’t find my traditional rug hook no matter how hard I looked. And OF COURSE, there were no stores within miles with one for sale. A bit of a lost art, I suppose. So, being a genius (lol), my husband modified a latch hook by removing the latch part for me. It’s a little weird – the end is very ‘u’ shaped instead of ‘v’ shaped – but it works 🙂

I found a couple neat sites today…one is Popknits – they have remakes of vintage patterns and this is their first issue. Check it out! It looks promising.

Have a fantastic day!