Archive | September 10, 2008

Spin The Stress Away!


I’ve been wanting to make this sweater for a while – it’s been in my ravelry waiting on me. I decided to start spinning some superwash for it and I’m hoping I have enough of this green to get 600 or so yards.

I like to spin when I’m stressed. It’s so calming, I find. I’ve been having some (TMI) women’s health issues – I’ve seen a doctor and have appointments set up within the next few weeks with the appropriate specialists. Here’s hoping it’s not the nasty ‘C’ thing. The doc’s I saw have no idea.

I’ve made a few changes…I’m drinking more tea than coffee…cutting down on my smoking…eating really well…doing what I can to feel better, if even only in my head. I’m almost 40 – it’s time to get healthy. I’ve just always been so healthy that I take it for granted. Not a good idea.

I’m feeling all worn out but I’m guessing that’s stress.


Flowers For Winter…

I’m all DONE the crazy carpet/blanket…I think I’m going to call this ‘flowers for winter’ because it’s just SO cozy!