Less Than A Round To Go…


The pattern is free, if you’re interested in making this (or a variation of this!).

This is the blanket I’m making out of mostly stash boucle, along with some fluffy stuff and the odd ball of wool. Thank GOODNESS it’s almost done because I swear my hands are seizing up! I dropped my coffee pot today because I had no grip, lol…it was an extremely sad moment — thankfully my coffee pot also brews into cups 🙂

I so want to knit something small, like a mitten! I’m going to reward myself with that whenever this is done, hopefully tomorrow. And work on the quilt, oh, and the sweater….and sometime find time to clean the house,lol…

2 thoughts on “Less Than A Round To Go…

  1. The blanket is beautiful. I love the colours and the log cabin style of it. Kinda log cabin, right? It will be worth the seized up hands when it’s done. 🙂 Glad you don’t have to do without coffee!

  2. Thanks samm 🙂 It is very log cabin-ish — I like that about it too! So glad I didn’t have to do without coffee…I got really lucky yesterday and found a Tim Horton coffee maker at the second hand store for $2.50…I’m a happy coffee drinker 🙂

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