It’s Perfect!

I’ve finished my version of ‘Starsky’ (by Jordana Paige) and I have to say it’s turned out amazing!

A couple pics…front and back…




I made a few modifications…beginning with the yarn. The pattern calls for a bulky yarn (knitpicks sierra) but I used Bernat ‘denim style’ (cotton/acrylic blend) and I really think it’s a great choice. It’s light and warm/cozy at the same time, completely machine washable too! The denim style SAYS it’s worsted but it knitted like a bulky for me.

I knit the body and sleeves in the round rather than including seaming in the design. I joined the shoulders with a three needle bind off to eliminate seaming there too. The ONLY seams are those used to set in the sleeves.

I made the sleeve cuffs a little longer than the pattern calls for. I also incorporated one panel of the pattern, centred, up each sleeve. I like the texture and it made the knitting more interesting too 🙂

Mine is the small size and the pattern is available free, from Knitty. I have yet to decide on a fastener or knitting an i-cord tie…

It fits perfectly and the yarn is really too comfy to describe. I can see me making more things with this lovely yarn 🙂

4 thoughts on “It’s Perfect!

  1. Hi! You sweater is absolutely gorgeous!!! I’m working on my own Starsky and I’m somewhat confused by the whole paragraph that begins with “Shape Neckline”. This is my first sweater so there isn’t any experience to draw from. I’m sure its something that will be quite obvious once someone hits me over the head with it? Could you please do that, make it ridiculously obvious to me? I would appreciate it so very much! Thank you!

  2. Thank you so much! I think Starsky is now my favorite sweater:)

    I’d be happy to help.

    When you get to the point where you are ready to begin the neckline shaping (and for sweaters especially I ALWAYS keep track of the rows by tallying them in a notebook as I go. There is nothing more annoying, to me!, than when you have to ‘re-do’ because one piece is slightly larger than another)….

    Beginning with a right side row…

    Work in pattern as set (as you have been for all sections – continuing the banana tree pattern as well) until you reach the last 4 stitches on the needle….THEN knit 2 together, end by knitting the next 2 stiches.

    This is your basic decrease row for the LEFT FRONT ONLY (the right front will be a mirror of this)

    They say to put a pin in the end of this row…I’d put a longish loop of cotton yarn tied with a knot(through the last stitch), with enough room in the loop so you can clearly see and remove it later.

    Work 7 (3,3,3) rows in pattern as set – WITHOUT any decreases

    You’ll be continuing the set pattern and the banana tree pattern as well…keeping the last 3 stitches in stockinette (knit the right side, purl the wrong side)

    These 8 (or 4) rows form your decrease pattern…

    Repeat the number of times for your size – 3 (7, 8, 10, 13) times MORE (not counting the first time)


    Once your knitting reaches the required length you must also decrease for the armhole on the outer side of the piece.

    Beginning on a right side row – BO (bind off) 3 (3,5,5,8) and continue to end.

    Work one row even as set (wrong side row)

    Next row (right side) knit two stitches, slip two stitches knit wise and return to left needle, knit two together.

    Next row (wrong side) work to last four stitches and purl 2 together through back loop (or slip the two stitches purlwise onto the right needle, slip the two back onto the left needle knitwise and purl together — all of this is to make the decreases slant the direction you want them to)

    The directions for each size are a little different…I like to cross out or cover with paper the ones that I’m not going to use so I don’t get confused, lol.

    (keeping good track with your notebook will help you make sure each armhole is started on the same place)

    I hope this helped!

    If you have any more questions or if a specific thing doesn’t seem to be working, please ask again!

    Lisa 🙂

  3. Thank you for your very detailed help. I’ll be working on my sweater this weekend so I’ll keep you updated. Again thank you for taking time to help me. I looked around at your other pictures and YOU are the master!!! 🙂 Have a great weekend.

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