The Sweater Is Finished :)

I’ve finished my ‘Ellie’ sweater using my Pink Frost Handspun superwash merino yarn and I LOVE it!


It’s amazingly soft and comfy and machine washable, which can only add to the number of times that I wear it. 🙂 I think I should have lengthened the pattern a little bit but other than that, a great pattern.

My new obsession is a blanket – made entirely with handspun (yet to be spun). Crazy, maybe!

5 thoughts on “The Sweater Is Finished :)

  1. Thanks boo and brenda 🙂

    I couldn’t help but start the sweater…I was excited to see how the yarn would look knitted up. At least I’m getting better at returning to my wips and finishing them after this type of ‘sidetrack’ happens…lol…as a kid my least favorite thing that my mom said was that I ‘didn’t finish anything’ so I fight that now.

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