I Have To Have This Camp Shirt!

Now that I’m done surgery (and healing well I’m happy to add!) and my 40th birthday has passed uneventfully…I wanted to do something for me. A little personal pat on the back…


Nice, isn’t it?

I’m using some yarn I spun for the project, superwash merino laceweight in the colour ‘sapphire’, mill ends purchased at The Black Lamb in Port Hope, Ontario. My yarn came out thick and thin (doesn’t it always?) and is roughly lace/light fingering weight. It seems to be working out well in this sweater though I’m pretty sure my guage is off. I’m making the smallest size so there’s a bit of room for that guage issue.

I really don’t tend to worry very much about getting guage and I’m usually pretty lucky.

A little peek…


The colour is off…it’s brighter than the picture shows but it’s so blah here today I’m doubting it’s the day for a better picture…

Check out the newest gadget I’ve reassigned to spinning…


It’s actually a tiered knit dryer with mesh that fits over the bars…I found it at a discount store for about 8 bucks last weekend. I think it’s ideal as a yarn dryer as well, on it’s side like it is!

It’s currently drying a skein of laceweight (for the camp shirt) and some yarn I’ve spun for the African Adventure blanket. That blanket is surely sucking up the yarn, lol. I’ve got good news…it’s not abandoned, just in transition while I respin each colour for it.


2 thoughts on “I Have To Have This Camp Shirt!

  1. I’m delighted that you are feeling better and healing well!! I’m sure knitting helps with that, right? 🙂 I like that Auburn Camp Shirt pattern. Not sure it would flatter my figure but it’s a beautiful pattern. I’m enjoying the progress of your blanket! I have a handbag/knitting bag pattern that uses pieces knit in that shape and then joined. I must haul that out and work on it more. 🙂 How large are the shapes in your blanket?

  2. Thanks 🙂 It feels so good to be getting back to normal.

    The pattern is cute, not sure though if it’s going to fit right — seems to me the sleeves are a bit off, for one.

    You should definitely get the knitting bag project going again – I bet it’s beautiful! LOL – I do know how easy it is to let projects sit, I have a BUNCH doing that.

    The blanket shapes are about 8 inches long, end to end and about an inch wide in the little centre. I’m working on it today again since I just have to finish the collar on the camp shirt (and I had to spin a little more wool which is drying)

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