SO Excited!!!

I’m getting a raw shetland fleece!!

And! The news is good…saw my surgeon today and the tests came back negative after my operation. Happy Dance time! I’m walking on clouds today. Ah, and the healing is going perfectly well 🙂

A belated birthday present – the fleece is just over 4 pounds, from a farm in New Brunswick, my very first ebay purchase ever, my first fleece ever.

I totally can’t wait. It’s surprising I’m this excited over dirty sheep, but I really, really am 🙂 It’s listed as ‘charcoal’ so I’m not sure I could dye any – if I felt like trying out dying. Doesn’t matter actually…its the adventure I’m after.

Oh yes, I finished the camp shirt…
Still not thrilled with the sleeves but the handspun worked really well and it’s a comfy sweater to wear.

Not sure, with the shetland, if I will make something fine like that or maybe a really nice outerwear cardigan…decisions for later!

I’m hoping it’s a ‘good’ fleece (as if I would know!) and the final product seems secondary to the learning curve, which I truly enjoy when I’m learning a new craft. I’m reading everything I can find about methods of processing and spinning. I’m leaning toward going slowly with the cleaning, in small batches, and probably trying to keep the locks nice and spin from those since I don’t have carders. I’m pretty sure I can flick card with the dog brushes I have. LOL…again, guessing – I’ve never actually ‘carded’ anything but the flick carders I’ve seen look exactly like dog brushes with longer handles.

I expect, on the outside, I’ll get the fleece in about three weeks. You see, this way, I’ll be pleasantly surprised, hopefully!

I’m off to work on my blanket…


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