One More Time!

I’m loving the wool combs I made a little while ago.




They’ve successfully combed most of my shetland fleece and about 450 metres of two ply sock yarn (for which I used the blended superwash that I played with at first).


They are great!


They aren’t really that pretty. Or that big. More minis than anything I think.

And I really, REALLY wanted to try to make a better set! So, I did 🙂

I bought oak boards at the hardware store – less than $10. One is 1/4″ x 3″, the other is 1/2″ x 3″. I cut, from each, two 5.25 inch lengths – giving me two thicker ‘fronts’ and two thinner ‘backs’.



I wanted nice handles and couldn’t find anything that I liked at the hardware store for a decent price. SO! Waste not want not right? Went to the second hand store and found two bbq forks with really nice solid wooden handles. Using a hacksaw, I cut the handles about a half inch down the steel prong. I’m planning to drill a hole the size of the prong and use the epoxy to cement it.



I marked the holes 1/4″ apart and the rows 1 cm apart with a 3/4″ ‘buffer’ of undrilled wood along each side. Since I offset the nails and decreased the amount each row, I ended up with a triangle shaped bed and wanted to get rid of the extra wood so I trimmed the extra off with my saw on the backs and the fronts.

I sanded the pieces clamped together to make sure they were exactly the same sizes and shapes. LOL, ok, close to being exactly. I’m not too picky.

I made a plate out of a scrap of the thinner oak and drilled a sample of each drill size I would use, drilling as straight as possible. I used this as a sort of ‘jig’, to help me drill straighter holes.


I used three rows of nails so I needed two different bits for the nails themselves and bits to countersink the heads as well. I also needed a bit that I’ll use to insert the handle. (Oh, and one to countersink the handle’s wooden base but I forgot at the time)

The first two rows of nails were 3.5 ” finishing nails that I bent slightly using a wrench and a pair of plyers. I measured about 1.25 ” down each nail as a guide of where to place the nail in the wrench, bent the nail with plyers and then compared it to a tracing of the correct shape. I trace the top and bottom (both sides) of the nail for accuracy, up to the tip.

The third row of nails I made shorter, using 2.5″ finishing nails.

Ah, this time I used a file to smooth the nails…


I drilled the holes in an ALMOST straight line, lol…took me a few minutes to come up with the best idea…


After tapping a nail in each mark, it was still hard to keep the drill from ‘wandering’ so I used popsicle sticks and marked three marks 1/4″ apart and drilled, as straight as possible – making a little template. I did try more than three but the popsicle stick broke every time. And yellow seems stronger than any other colour. Weird.

By lining up the first hole with the last drilled hole I could easily keep it all neat and even. The templates did wear out fast and I had to make new ones a few times but I was really happy with the results. Maybe I should have made a template out of a scrap of the thinner oak, I’m thinking in retrospect.

I stained/protected…(about another $8)


Placed the nails, after drilling the holes a little larger at the top, to countersink the heads.




I used the styrofoam (out of an old box in the basement) to hold the nails in place…it helped SO MUCH to keep the bends in the right place and to space nails that wanted to drift together. The epoxy helps everything hold together in the end.

I don’t have pictures of the epoxy stage (too busy-it’s 5 minute epoxy and dries in 5 minutes or so, lol) and I’m only halfway done this set…

I’ll update when they’re done…I can’t wait!

3 thoughts on “One More Time!

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  2. That is brilliant!!! I live in Egypt where trying to get any spinning supplies whatsoever is nigh on impossible so making your own is a must. This is brilliant!!! All I have to do is find the right store and get the necessary equipment!! Thank you so much. Love your blog!!!!

  3. I love this! Thanks. I cant afford them either. What is the wooden square rack with the handle in it that you are using to prop your work on. I recently purchased 4 of them from a thrift store thinking it was a fishing net winder. Thanks for any reply. I’ve had them for a few months and can not find someone that actually knows what they are. Mine are dated 1892.

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