Presenting Noah!


Isn’t he beautiful?!

He’s 3/4 Border Collie, 1/4 Yellow Labrador, 7 weeks old and absolutely SWEET! Ok, we didn’t really NEED a new dog but he’s irresistable. 🙂

He’s going to get me out of the house more, from what I understand about the breed they need lots of ‘work’ (play) and lots of activity. Good for both of us!

Ok, off to walk…he’s terrified of the sidewalk so far but yesterday learned a lot about walking on the leash…

5 thoughts on “Presenting Noah!

  1. Noah is gorgeous!!!!! We had an Australian Shepherd, and they are as active as Borders are. Which is VERY! But loyal and loving too. She was my walking partner until she got too old and arthitic. We lost her last year, and until this past Thursday we had only two dogs!!! Very strange for us to have only two. So Thursday we brought home Tim, a hound Aussie cross, or maybe Beagle and Cattle Dog? He’s two years old and the sweetest loviest, best walking partner in the world! He and I both need to walk off a few pounds and we’re loving doing that. 🙂 Give your little Noah a hug from me, please. He’s going to be a great walking friend too. 🙂 Congratulations!

  2. Noah is gorgeous, we have a border collie, she is so smart. We taught her to ring a bell when she wants to go out. We rescued another border collie mix 2 months ago, also so smart, brought him home and he had Parvo – passed away after 2 days. we are all still heartbroken.

  3. if you think hes fuzzy now then wait till hes older !!
    hes gunna be a big ball of furr..:) cant wait .
    and RIP Luke .

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