Creating Colour!


I’m really, REALLY enjoying my adventures in dye-land. It’s so neat how nicely variegated the colours turn out using the wiltons icing colour…I enjoy playing with the colour ‘breaks’ and seeing the finished product is always a surprise 🙂 Happily – nothing has felted and the fibres are still easily drafted (or as easily as they were anyway, lol – this sweater sat half knitted for nearly forever as far as I can tell).

From left to right in the photo…
Copper, copper/orange/yellow mix, black/violet mix, royal blue, juniper green and delphinium blue.

I’m dying reclaimed ‘canadian buffalo unspun’ yarn which is basically a six ply roving yarn. I then seperate the plies and spin them as single strands of pencil roving – it works out to a dk/worsted weight yarn and looks like it would be ideal for winter hats/scarves and such. It would also make fabulous felted items…maybe slippers or a purse.

Anyways, fun fun fun. I highly recommend it!

2 thoughts on “Creating Colour!

  1. Icing color! I have containers of it that are actually too jellied to use in cooking, but would work fine for dye! I love the idea. I’ll have to try that soon once I am at the dyeing stage of my wool processing.

  2. You should try them, they work great (in my experience, so far). You use vinegar as well, for the acid. If you google you’ll find lots of good tutorials and different methods. I like kettle dying so far but there are great hand painted yarns as well.

    I checked out your site and love your shetland fleece. And you got it in Ontario! I’m also in ontario and try my best to buy locally. So far all my fleeces are canadian but I ordered my shetland from the east coast since I didn’t find an ontario one at the time.

    I’m going to add a link to your site 🙂

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