The Prettiest Princess Coat EVER!

  • Or at least I think so 🙂


It’s my ‘Snowflake Princess’, a modified version of the Snowflake Queen Pattern by Alison Stewart-Guinee. I used the free pattern excerpt available online

I modified it in several ways…

-used a smaller needle (4 mm)
-decreased to 97 sts (24,49(back),24)
-modified the cuff by working it in the contrast ‘carmen’ yarn as;
row 1 and 2 – knit
following 8 rows – k1,p1 ribbing
cast off firmly in knit

-my version of the button bands and collar, knitted in one piece using short rows (the collar and button band were omitted from the free pattern excerpt);

  • With right side facing and same yarn as used for coat, pick up 36 sts along (right) skirt, 24 sts along bodice, 11 sts front neckline, 19 held sts from back of neck (this takes into account my extra decreases, which may or may not be the amount you have), and, corresponding 11, 24, 36 on the left side.   I would place markers each side of the (19) back neck sts, to make the short rows easier to keep track of.  (161 sts)
  • purl one row

Begin short rows;

  • purl 98 (or 8 sts past second marker) w&t (wrap and turn)
  • knit 35 (or 8 sts past second marker) w&t
  • purl 36 w&t
  • knit 37 w&t
  • purl 38 w&t
  • knit 39 w&t
  • purl 40 w&t
  • knit 41 w&t
  • purl to end of row
  • knit one row
  • (buttonhole row) purl 108 sts, [(yo, p2tog, p3) 7x], p21.
  • knit one row, twisting yo’s as you knit them to prevent too large button holes
  • purl 98  w&t (wrap and turn)
  • knit 35  w&t
  • purl 36  w&t
  • knit 37 w&t
  • purl 38 w&t
  • knit 39 w&t
  • purl 41 w&t
  • knit 43 w&t
  • purl 45  w&t
  • knit 47 w&t
  • purl 49 w&t
  • knit 51 w&t
  • purl to end of row 

Join accent yarn (patons ‘carmen’ is what I used)

(worked in garter stitch – knit all rows)

  • knit one row
  • knit 108 w&t
  • knit 55 w&t
  • knit 57 w&t
  • knit 59 w&t
  • knit 61 w&t
  • knit 63 w&t
  • knit to end of row
  • cast off in knit

I crocheted the edging around the bottom in single crochet with a 4 mm hook.

I think this is one of my favorite projects ever!  Right now I’m working on a matching hat and mittens…

18 thoughts on “The Prettiest Princess Coat EVER!

  1. Did you have any trouble with this pattern? The directions seem to place the 2 stitches at the beginning of the German Herringbone pattern on the wrong end of the row. As you cast on, you mark 2 stitches at the beginning of the row, then pm after every 15 stitches. But directions for Row 1 of the pattern, which I read as the next row after cast-on, begin with P2, before working the repeats of 15 stitches. However, these 2 stitches are not at the beginning of this row but at the end. Did you add a row between cast-on and the first pattern row?

    • I think the pattern works as written and that the k2 or p2 (depending on the right or wrong side row) are at the beginning and the end of the piece, if that makes sense?

      I can see the confusion with how the markers are placed. Maybe, cast on your beginning number of sts, per the pattern, and then place the markers on that first row, as you knit it? So p2,pm,work 15,pm,—–>to end.

      I will say (after looking this morning) that the pattern is much more nicely and clearly laid out than it was when I made it! LOL, I didn’t even have the schematic or anything. 🙂

      Good luck – ask me if you have any further questions 🙂

    • I kind of ‘knit like crazy’…I’m lucky to be a stay at home mom of older kids. It took me about two weeks, knitting around housework and cooking and whatnot. I can’t do the ‘sitting still’ thing at all, lol…I always have to be doing something while I sit.

      I’m sure if you work a little each day, you’ll be done in time for Christmas! 🙂 I know I could only manage a few rows a day when I was working.

  2. Thanks. Your coat is beautiful! I love the way you edged it with that fluffy yarn. I bet your granddaughter will look beautiful in it!

  3. Thanks for your suggestions and encouragement. I was able to finish my version of this coat for Christmas. I was too inexperienced to try your edging, which looks so adorable. Now I’m going to try the hat pattern you posted. Thanks for sharing.

    • Ok, have had a moment to check the pattern online and my notes/modifications in the post – in the original pattern, the stitch count goes down to 121 and, instead, I take it down to 97 sts, decreasing an additional 24 sts to get to this number. This may have involved an extra decrease or ‘gathering’ row, I am not sure, but knowing myself that’s what I would have done. After your decreases you should have (right side,back,left side) – 24sts,49sts,24sts.

      Have fun! Everyone who has seen this little coat loves it 🙂

      • I can’t seem to get the entire pattern on line-only an excerpt. Is it possible you know where I could find it or if you could email it to me that would be wonderful.

      • If you click the link at the top of the page, where it says ‘available online’, it leads to the pattern. I’ve just checked the link and the pattern shows complete for me. It’s a super cute knit – enjoy the pattern! Lisa

  4. If you click the link at the top of the page, where it says ‘available online’, it leads to the excerpt. I’ve just checked the link and the pattern shows complete for me. It’s a super cute knit – enjoy the pattern!

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