Another Monday…

And time to start blogging again!

I’ve been preoccupied with life — you know how that goes — cleaning, cooking, children, pets… I had this crazy notion that if I did everything REALLY WELL that it would make a difference around here. In ways it has, in others, not so much.


This is my ‘Kaleidoscope‘ (pattern by Lisa Donald) and it really turned out beautiful. I am making it for the ‘Elf Collection’, for this Christmas. That’s all I can say publicly, LOL. You never know when the children are going to read the blog!

This is my Drops b13-18 done in phentex 2 ply fingering weight. I couldn’t help but think ‘here we go again’ – I tried so many times to knit little things like this when my children were born (18 and 20 years ago) and always ended up frogging them in frustration. I didn’t have the skills yet, nor the patience required! It’s a little lace ‘jacket’ and there are matching accesories if I make it that far.

I’ve got more wips than ever before (and possibly ever again). A couple things for the baby-to-be – socks and a sweater half done, a sweater for me, a double knit baby blanket, another afghan for the ‘Elf Collection’, a baby toy and a bathmat. Oh, yes, and a shipwreck shawl

Ok. A little scattered. I have one more thing, finished, to show…

It’s the “Baby Cabled Baby Slouch” pattern by Stacy Mar, done in Mary Maxim ‘Parisienne’ sport/dk acrylic yarn.

I really must show you the double knit blanket, so far…

This is my ‘Beauty of a blanket’ or the “Reversible Celtic Patterns Baby Blanket” by Kathleen Sperling. A really lovely free pattern which is going to take a LOT of work but which will be well worth the effort. It’s my hope to have this ready for the baby shower so I’m aiming for March. I’m using Phentex sport in caribbean blue and a very light blue marl. I absolutely know that acrylic isn’t ideal for baby things but I’m not financially able to do this blanket in anything else. Fortunately, it will wear very well and last a long time 🙂

Ok, off to knit, and cut the grass (I’m the excited owner of a new lawn mower – it’s actually alarming how excited one can get about appliances and equipment after a certain number of years being married!) and maybe even clean the house, assuming anyone will notice…

Have a great day!

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