So Much Fun!!

This is my latest portrait in crochet – and I love it!


It turned out awesome πŸ™‚

Here’s the original picture;


I was nervous until the eye appeared…and then ‘voila!’, it looked like my girl. I like how it looks in the blue palette too – as always, I agonized over the colours for about three quarters of the project, lol. This was another of my own patterns and I always worry about how they’ll turn out. I think I’ve got it pretty close to perfected though and I’m getting faster and more accurate at pattern making.

Next up is a picture for my inlaws – actually, their wedding picture. I do believe they’re on to me, lol. I did try to have the picture stolen secretly from the house and put back but that’s nearly impossible. Also nearly impossible was explaining why I suddenly needed that picture!

Ok, must go – my crochet hook is calling!

12 thoughts on “So Much Fun!!

  1. Wow you are unbelievably talented! I was checking out your site and am just blown away by all the beautiful art you have your hands in. Amazing!

    • Check out the site; for more information on the method, learning the method or to have one of your own pictures turned into a pattern. I learned from the crochet by numbers group on ravelry and by figuring out for myself how to manipulate my pictures and turn them into patterns. It’s really very satisfying stuff!

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