I’m Hooked!

Another portrait to show today…and I do apologize, since it was done on the 16th, but I’ve been so busy with the NEXT project in the row!

My parents in law…a picture from 45 years ago…


Not bad, considering that I accidentally made the pattern with seven shades of colour rather than the 8 I planned on!

I’ve found out that choosing the ‘right’ picture means choosing one with good contrast between the subject(s) and the background. Too much of a similar tone results in a lot of ‘blend’ between subject and background, like in the Luke portrait which I did first.

I’ve learned that I’m likely going about pattern making the super slow way, since I use photoshop and a good old pencil and paper to create a pattern – along with hours of work. I looked at the ‘knitpro’ site and though it looks like it makes things easier, I’m just so comfortable with my ‘hands on’ approach. I believe, for now, that I’ll stick with it since I like the results and I (at least now) can spare the time.

I’ve been wondering about the whole ‘pulling through the ends’ thing that I’ve seen people who are working on these patterns mention. I’ve always been taught to place an end where you want it BEFORE you move on which eliminates all that pulling through business.

Like this;
-you are working on the wrong side and are ready to change colours-


-I attach the new colour with a slip knot-



-pull the slip knot tightly down to where it meets your work and cut the original colour and tie a square knot to fasten-




-now, pull the knot to the back and hold it, down and out of the way while you work the first stitch. The knot will be held by the first full stitch and you won’t have to pull through ends, anymore!-





I have my own (possibly used by many others though!) way of dealing with the frog pond. I’ll take some pictures of that and talk about it in the next post! I’ve found a way to waste very little wool and very little time when mistakes happen. And, inevitably – they do! πŸ™‚

Have a great day πŸ™‚

12 thoughts on “I’m Hooked!

  1. I just started my first portrait project and was having a really hard time pulling the threads through to the wrong side. Your technique is exactly what I needed. Thanks for the inspiration.

    • Check out http://www.crochetbynumbers.com or the crochet by numbers group on ravelry for ideas on how it’s done. I figured it out and now make my own patterns but you can learn the technique on the site and get free trial patterns to work with. Also, you can pay a fee, I believe, and have a personal photo made into a pattern. (as I said, I do my own but it’s very time consuming)

  2. what site do you recomend going to, to have your picture turned into a graph to crochet from? i would really like to buy the program or any help would be appreciated. I would really like to do this for my mom with a photo of my dad as he is passed and my mom would love a gift like this. Please email me if you can : emadison@prodigy.net

  3. I think this tip just made my day but for a slightly different purpose to yours…I was happily crocheting along making a triangular scarf when I realised about 3/4 of my way along the row that I wasn’t going to have enough yarn to complete it! Luckily I had remembered stumbling across this post this morning and I have made a nice, seamless transition onto my next ball without having to sacrifice my row! I’ve very happy πŸ˜€

  4. I just took a CBN class yesterday and really was having issues with all the tying – my instructor told me a totally different way to tie and I was having problems getting the knots tight enough and close to the work. I like your method of tying much better – thank you !

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