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Basset Baby!!!!

Awesome day, my friends 🙂 We found a beautiful baby basset hound!!

rosa and stuff 123.JPG

She is 9 1/2 weeks old and her name is Rosa 🙂 She’s such a sweet puppy and we’re so glad to have found her. We drove for a long time yesterday to get her but it was well worth the trip! She did cry for most of the ride (I think the driving scared her) but has been excellent and fitting in quite nicely since we got home.

She’s pretty small still…

rosa and stuff 113.JPG

and she’s definitely interested in spinning (or at least smelling sheep)…

rosa and stuff 115.JPG

She and the boy are almost inseparable (he’s already sad about going to school on monday!)…

rosa and stuff 137.JPG

rosa and stuff 142.JPG

She loves to cuddle…

rosa and stuff 146.JPG

and certainly has Dora’s attention…

rosa and stuff 162.JPG

Of course…we all like to cuddle 🙂

rosa and stuff 155.JPG

If anyone is interested in finding a beautiful, quality, registered basset in Ontario, check out the ‘Autumn Blaze Bassets’ site – they have a website and I highly recommend them!

Yes, I Have Been Slacking

I haven’t blogged in SOME TIME….wow, too long, really.

My beautiful daughter had her beautiful baby!! He’s the most beautiful boy in the world…of course, I am a little bit biased…just a little 🙂 She says I must ‘blog’ him, so here is a picture of cuteness itself….



So, perfect, right? I’m one proud grandma, though that’s something to get used to — I’m so NOT used to being a grandma!

Certainly the excitement of new babies explains my blogging-slacking behaviour, doesn’t it?

I’ve done some spinning, some knitting and some beautiful fleece purchasing – all since I’ve been on the blog last and some of which I’d like to share here since I’m really thrilled with some of the results 🙂 I’ve been on a bit of a yarn/fleece diet this year, and trying to use up the fleeces and fibre I already have rather than buying more. IF you could see the yarn closet you’d definitely agree that the diet is necessary. It’s that or we have to expand the yarn closet, lol, or trade it perhaps with the children – their room would really make a good storage! 😉

I spun some navy and royal blue superwash merino fibre which I had bought last year at the Black Lamb (, from Laurie, who is wonderful. I plied it (two plies – I’m a lazy spinner with two bobbins) and knit it up into the Gooseberry Cardigan pattern. I’m more than happy with this sweater – it’s comfy, it’s soft, it’s quite possibly my new favorite all time sweater!

firstset 029.JPG

Not the best picture and I can’t believe it BUT, it seems I forgot (?) to take pictures of the spun wool or the spinning itself. I must be losing my grandmother mind!

Bonus! Found a picture of the spun yarn…

I made a little crocheted top – the Avalon Top by Doris Chan. Love how it turned out too….



I also made a little pair of socks, from my handspun superwash merino sock yarn…three ply this time….


I prefer ankle socks so when I made up this design, they seemed the way to go!

Seems like forever and like I’ve got too much to say for one day. Instead of jumbling it all together we’ll have to finish this up tomorrow – when I’ll show the new alpaca fleeces I just washed and the beautiful shetlands I’m processing!!!

Have a great day! 🙂