Canadian Production Wheel!

Look what I found!!!!!

cpw 001.JPG

Isn’t she pretty?

I was lucky on the weekend – we found this beauty at a small Ontario flea market, completely unexpected (we stopped for the fries, lol) and an extremely good deal!

She even spins! After a few repairs and adjustments and after creating her a cheap homemade whorl. I used a small toy wooden wheel, from the craft store, and a file (to create the groove for the drive band). The predrilled hole turned out to be the perfect size to thread onto the flyer shaft by hand, creating the threads by the threading itself. šŸ™‚ An excellent (if not long term) fix for less than $1.50!

the wheel;

vacation - cpw 023.JPG

there are two grooves in the wheel;

Canadian Production Wheel 010.JPG

the hub;

Canadian Production Wheel 009.JPG

the flyer/bobbin/mother of all;

cpw 003.JPG

that ‘fancy’ homemade whorl;

Canadian Production Wheel 029.JPG

which started like this;

vacation - cpw 014.JPG

and ended up like this; (I used the knitting needle and a small rubber piece which fit on the needle to help me keep the groove even. It made things a lot easier!)

vacation - cpw 019.JPG

the maidens look like this;

Canadian Production Wheel 028.JPG

she has a pretty narrow front;

Canadian Production Wheel 003.JPG

leg detail/cast iron treadle;

cpw 008.JPG

Lovely, lovely wheel. I’m so happy to have saved her!!!

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