Reduce, Reuse, Recycle – DIY Lazy Kate

Hello πŸ™‚

I have (as you may already have read) just recently acquired a beautiful CPW (canadian production wheel). One of the things with an antique wheel is the fact that one usually only gets one bobbin. Of course more can be made BUT I thought up this solution to the dilemma…

Pinnochio 011.JPG

I bought a lot of quill bobbins (from ebay) – 25 of them for a mere $4 + shipping!! They are a good size and quite beautiful actually. Of course, I have a real weakness for antiques/old wood and these have brass AND old wood – HOW could one NOT love them…

They obviously needed a home (or as they call it, a ‘kate’) so that once I’ve wound the singles onto them, I can easily ply off of them.

I found a piece of scrap wood. For real, lol – it was sitting on the porch, an old abandoned piece of a long dead dresser. My son thought it was hilarious that I thought I could make something out of it. I showed him πŸ™‚



I cut two pieces about 12″ each, for the cross bars and split the remainder (about 8″ each) for two supports/legs. I sanded the wood and let it breathe again! (it was happy) I marked holes about two inches in from each end, on each piece – making sure the drill holes were going through the solid part of the wood, not the grooves cut into it from it’s last life. I used a small drill bit to drill most of the way through the base pieces and all the way through the cross bar pieces, used a larger bit (the size of the dowel – I think it was 5/16) to make countersink holes in the cross bars and the dowel holes in between them.







Put her together, waxed the heck out of her (wow did that wood ever soak up wax!) and sanded the tops of the dowels to a roundish shape. (oh yes, the dowels were cut to be about 4 inches tall)


Pinnochio 011.JPG

I love how she turned out. Bonus! My Kromski bobbins fit on her perfectly too πŸ™‚ Now I just need a little bit more dowel, to fill in the empty spots πŸ™‚

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