An Acadian Wheel!

I know I’m skipping ahead but check out my latest wheel project! We got this Acadian flat rimmed wheel – missing the footman, and the flyer assembly. She also had some interesting homemade nails placed to hold the front maiden and pegs which were so tight it was a real challenge to get her apart!

This is how we recieved her…
acadian wheel 010.JPG

She has a 27″ wheel and was begging me for an oil treatment on that first day. Now her wood is looking a little better…
acadian wheel repair 002

The maidens had to come out, to have their leathers replaced…
acadian wheel 018.JPG

First we removed the pegs underneath – they were so solidly in there for so long that we had to use a metal punch and a hammer and pray that nothing went wrong (which it didn’t!) Since the front maiden was nailed as well, that wasn’t the end of it!
acadian wheel 028.JPG

Took out that big nail and then a small one in the front which was flush with the table and which very very barely met the wood of the maiden. In the end, somehow, the maiden is left with a shard of nail in her where the nail was. I felt very lucky that none of the original pegs/parts cracked or broke. All the little damages were there already, caused by those little nails.

acadian wheel repair 011

The leathers needed replacing so I went to the local ‘cowboy store’. LOL. Ok, we call it the cowboy store but it’s not really called that. They do boots, moccasins, cowboy hats, leathers of all kinds, coats, etc. They also have a shoe/boot repair guy/builder guy who very kindly found me the perfect leather – a boot sole, the strongest, thickest, hardest leather he had in the shop. And some black dye to make it black when I’m done 🙂 He looked very confused when I veered off of leather qualities and tried to explain what it was for! Muggles 🙂

I carved the sole a little thinner and bonded it to a piece of tool belt leather (a little thinner but it’s what I had) by scoring it to make it rough, applying glue and clamping it in between two books to keep it flat and straight. Like this…
acadian wheel repair 018

The pattern was drawn by tracing what as left of the original leather and then I traced a proper leather (on the cpw) for the missing section. It’s a little larger than the cpw leather BUT so was the original and so is the whole wheel I’m making it for. I think the proportion is correct. I’m waiting to drill the hole for the flyer until I have the flyer (seems the sensible thing, to make sure it’s right). My leathers here have holes that vary from 3/8 to 4/8 of an inch.

I cut the leather out with a scroll saw, once dry and then carved and sanded it to the perfect shape for the maiden hole. The maiden has a larger opening at the flyer side than in the back so there’s a little shaping involved.
acadian wheel repair 017

acadian wheel repair 020




She will be spinning in no time!

3 thoughts on “An Acadian Wheel!

  1. I have seen a couple of those interesting style of wheels on kijiji. You are good at fixing them up. I will enjoy checking out the rest of your blog!

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  3. I also have acquired an Acadian wheel, with a fair degree of certainty of origin. I am trying to define the characteristics of Acadian wheels, as distinguished from CPWs, and others. Do you have any provenance for your wheel? Why do you say it is “Acadian”?

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