It’s A Turkish Wheel!

Good morning! I should call this ‘tales from the rabbit hole’, me thinks 🙂

turkish wheel 033.JPG

We acquired this beautiful Turkish ‘Nomad’ Spinning Wheel this past weekend. She’s beautiful and very very old. The couple who sold her to us bought her on the Turkey/Russia border, years ago, on a trip. I haven’t mastered spinning with her – she’s a little bit moody and operates on a bobbin led, no brake system. Apparently spinning on these is similar to charka spinning. Of course, I’ve never charka spun, either!

turkish 010.JPG

I scrubbed her down with methyl hydrate (standard warning – these rags will spontaneously combust if left in a pile and not dried flat and disposed of properly) and a bit of steel wool. I tried the toothbrush (my favorite method) but her dirt went a little deeper. The steel wool is fine and doesn’t mar the wood…

turkish wheel 041.JPG

turkish wheel 039.JPG

She cleaned up really nicely…and with a few shims to tighten up some joints (I used stretchy plumbers tape – not sticky – to wrap the maidens so they weren’t loose) and plan to use some wire to stabilize some of the more serious cracks. I feel like the cracks are stable as is but who knows how heat/humidity and use will affect things. I feel like the wire wraps will be a good way to repair her without taking away from her history. I would HATE to have to replace a part completely.

Another view of the dirt – precleaning –
turkish wheel 035.JPG

My baby after her bath…and a little tung oil massage…
turkish 001.JPG

11 thoughts on “It’s A Turkish Wheel!

  1. I have seen your pics of that wheel on Ravelry. I understand the rabbit hole but I am slowly climbing out. Wish I could stop buying fleece too!
    I saw one of those Turkish wheels on Kijiji I think but I had never even considered buying it. You are brave!

  2. I have to say WOW how amazing~! I have just a drop Spindal lol… I love the one picture you took where you can see some of the other Spining wheels too. I love looking at them 🙂

  3. Amazing clean up work! You have learned so much and completed so many fix-its, make-its and rebuilds…simply amazing! Keep going, love to read about it!

  4. hi, i have a similar turkish wheel and have managed to spin on it. You’re supposed to lead your yarn over one of the sharp corners of the flyer to make the yarn being pulled onto the bobbin (you can see the markings on the flyer)

  5. Hi Wondering if you have been able to spin on this Turkish Wheel yet? We have one and have cleaned it up and are look at how to spin on it. Any advice would be wonderful. Thanks

  6. I have a Turkish wooden spinning wheel that I purchased in Turkey in the early 1990’s (looks exactly like the one you picture). Do you know of anyone who might be interested in purchasing?

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