Spinning And Knitting And Getting Things Done!

Happy New Year 🙂

I haven’t been posting much, I know, but I HAVE been getting things done, which is very unlike me lately….

handspun shetland gaptastic cowl

Despite my ‘sweater guilt’ – caused by my recent inability to finish a full sized project’s – I fell in love with Aidez, a free berocco pattern which I found on Ravelry. Since it requires bulky yarn, I thought I would spin it, of course! I decided on the silver shetland fleece which I bought last year from Devine West Ranch – lovely, soft and I was sure there was enough fleece in the pillow case to make the required approx. 800 metres I wanted (since I am tall and always add a few inches in sleeves and body).

handspun shetland, singles and bulky 3 ply

We all know about the best laid plans, right? Yeah. Not nearly enough, I ended up with approximately 400 metres of lovely soft, spun in the grease, bulky shetland yarn. I washed the yarn within an inch of it’s life to get out the lanolin and last bits of straw and then felted it slightly to make a really nice yarn.

Then, of course, I (queen of five or more projects on the go at the same time, lol) decided it was irresistable and knitted the Gap-tastic Cowl with it, a little bit wider than called for, about 16 inches. It’s awesome AND I FINISHED IT IN ONLY A DAY 🙂 LOL, did I mention I finished it? That’s my worst habit lately – not finishing things.

Today’s obsession is to spin up some suffolk fleece into a beautiful soft substitute since I still crave Aidez, lol.

handspun suffolk

It’s coming out nicely!


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