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Catching Up… And There’s A Lot To Catch Up On!!

DSC_0541Wow, cannot believe how long it’s been!

Life has taken some twists and turns around here over these past few years – some exciting, some amazing, some surprising, lol.

My husband and I have embarked on an exciting and challenging adventure! We are working on a small property we are planning to move to and live on, sustainably and off grid.  We have just around two lovely acres – some of it forest, all of it beautiful!

In the beginning, we camped…

By year 2, we built the itsy bitsy cozy cabin 🙂


It’s a very good example of doing things on a budget! Most of our materials came from job waste and stores such as The Re-store. Definitely a project that I would never have predicted but super satisfying!

This year we are expanding a little and yet to add is the cutest wood cookstove ever. I am pretty excited about that 🙂


Going to get more done this weekend so I shall continue in my next post.  Have a fantastic day! Thanks for reading 🙂