My Worst Habit – Blogstalking ’08

I think that the obvious for me is smoking.  I have smoked for far too long — since I was 16 — 23 years almost.  Yeah.  Definitely my most unhealthy habit. 

But not my worst.

I would say that my worst habit is overreacting to things.  I think I would be so much better off if I could learn to CHILL and act more often than I re-act.  I don’t flip out or anything and the overreaction is over shortly after it starts.  I am at heart a sensible woman…lol…though you can’t always tell!  I would like to stop doing it because it affects the kids…makes me feel ridiculous, foolish…really affects a lot even if it is over quickly.  I want to present a calm, collected and reasonable approach to problems for the children.  I think it would be an excellent thing if I could begin by modelling that behaviour!

Surrounded by Kindness

I’m amazed by how much we’ve been through in the last week.  

Realizing we would lose the house, pulling together in a way I couldn’t have hoped for — it’s amazing this wonderful family I have!

The children are amazing, resiliant, strong.  They are fabulous at looking on the bright side.  They really pulled together with us and comforted us as much as we comforted them.  I’m so proud of them all. 

My parents are amazing…there for me…understanding…I am blessed.

Kindness from family and friends, strangers.  I’m overwhelmed, comforted…

It’s official, we’re moving in two weeks.  Another blessing…who ever thought I would look at the word ‘foreclosure’ in this way!…the lender is taking over the utilites/home insurance on that day.  This will not be hanging over our heads. 

We can have a fresh start.

I’m even knitting again 🙂  If I concentrate and spend my sleepless nights to their full advantage…I should be able to finish my husbands blanket.  That is a goal, but not something I’m worried about.  Might make a lovely valetines day gift, lol.

Life is good, enjoy your day 🙂

Focus On The Pretty Shoes


I’ve never worn these shoes.  I bought them at the second hand store and loved them, but took them for granted, forgot about them. 

It’s funny how much we have and forget about, take for granted…and funny how it takes a tragedy to show us that.  Losing a lot helps you see clearly what you have.   I found those shoes today and they represented the whole thing for me.  I have many beautiful things…most importantly beautiful people, a beautiful family! 

I’m packing today, we move in two weeks.  It’s so daunting trying to figure out what to keep and what not to…we have so much stuff.   I’m going through all my clothes right now…as good a time as any to get rid of all the things we don’t use.  I already have 4 garbage bags for the second hand store and have one pickup truck load packed.  Which only shows me how little of a dent that has put in the job.  So many books and things…things no-one ‘uses’ but things I love.  I do have to reduce though so I’m going through all of it.

All my Christmas knitting plans are messed up now but I’m still going to try to finish my husbands blanket if I can.  That man deserves to be cozy after all we’ve been through.

I’m Falling Behind :)

I’ve been slacking with my blogstalking posts lately. 

I need to do ‘whats for breakfast’


I usually have oatmeal crisp or mini wheats (the brown sugar coated kind), a  yoghurt and a banana or an orange.   Our cereal cupboard is packed enough to provide breakfast for a month should cereal become hard to find, lol!  I love these bowls…we bought them for the kids a few years ago…everyone likes them 🙂 

Ok, now the junk drawer!   This is my junk drawer….


Lots of stuff, lol.  We have my glasses case, advil, dh’s old wallet, stamps, ball bands, needles, thread, bookmarks, a grad picture, those buttons and bits of string you get with store bought clothes, a pair of extra shoelaces that came with my shoes, nail hardener, nail files, reciepts, a watch….I’m tired…can we stop now? 

Now for what I am thankful for….

What am I thankful for?  Everything!  I’m thankful that I have been blessed with a husband and children that are healthy and strong.  I’m thankful that I live in a country as wonderful as Canada is.  I’m thankful that I have a good head on my shoulders and I’m thankful I’ve had opportunities to develop my skills.  I’m thankful that I am blessed to stay at home, to make that choice to be wife and mother — I’m thankful to live somewhere where the choice is mine.  I’m thankful for my beautiful home.  I’m thankful my husband and kids support me in that and that I am able to support them.  I’m thankful I can pursue my interests and create to my hearts content.  I’m very thankful to still have my mom, though she has been through many health challenges.  I’m ever so thankful that my children have her too!  I’m thankful for the love my family gives me…the understanding…how they are always always there for me and for each other 🙂 

The Christmas rush of making things like mad has kept me on my couch knitting in all my spare time lately.  At the moment, I have a pair of socks – for my middle daughter (the sweetheart lace) which are half way done… a ‘crazy cabin’ scrap blanket for my husband (6/20 blocks done), a few half baked plans to start yet more projects for gifts…. I found a pattern I had laying around for dog beds and coats.  We have three dogs who would love beds and coats!  Who knows if I will have time.  The dh made a boo-boo yesterday and actually suggested I should finish some stuff I have started before I start anything new.  Screwing with my creativity!  LOL.  He’s probably got a point…he’s seen the mad rush of finishing things up on Christmas Eve before…it’s not a pretty sight 🙂

Have an excellent day! 🙂

Make Like An Elf…

So, back to Christmas….

I’ve started a pair of socks for my middle daughter, in the knitpicks felici that was included in my warm sock sampler.  The colour is ‘clay’ and it’s really nice.  My daughter chose it as her favorite 🙂  She likes cables more than lace so I’m trying an idea I had…will let you know how it goes!  I’ve charted it – now to knit it up a bit and see how it looks ‘for real’.


Cable and Lace Sock Pattern

Cable and Lace Socks

by knitsnthings

Cable and Lace Socks

Size: Ladies Medium Yarn: 2 skeins Knit Picks Gloss in Serengeti

Needles: 2mm double pointed needles or size required to attain correct gauge. Extra similar size needle or cable needle for cables.

Gauge: 9-10/inch in stockinette stitch.

For gauge help…


Abbreviations and symbols:

Kfb = Knit in front and back of the stitch.

P = purl

FC = Front cable (hold either one or two sts – as the case may be – on cable needle to back of work and knit either one or two remaining sts, knit sts on cable needle)

~ = Knit

\ = slip, slip, knit two slipped sts together.

/ = knit two together O = yarn over^ = slip one, slip one, knit one, pass slipped stitches, one at a time, over knitted stitch.M2 = make two by knitting into front and back of float between knit stitches.

Using eastern cast on method, cast on 16 sts.

Increase 4 sts each round by kfb in first and last stitch of top and bottom of toe. Continue to increase 4 sts each round until there are 52 sts.

Increase 4 sts every other round until there are 72 sts.

Work one round even.

Chart 1


Begin working chart on centre 32 stitches of instep (needle 3), while knitting the remaining sole stitches. Place markers as required.

Work two repeats of CHART ONE. On third repeat, first row, decrease six stitches evenly spaced beginning immediately after charted section. (66 stitches)  *I know this seems strange but this provided proper fitting for my foot.  Alternatively you could increase to 68 sts in the toe (rather than 72), knit two extra even rows, and decrease by two in this row, one on either side of Chart 1.

Work a total of 8 repeats or number desired. Sock should be about 2” short of desired finished length from tip of toe.

Place 32 stitches for instep on waste yarn, holder or extra needle.

Work a short row heel on 34 sts, decreasing to 12 stitches between wraps and increasing until all stitches have been recovered. Make a wrap on both sides of the last row and work these wraps with the first and last instep stitches, to prevent holes.

First half of heel;

  • row 1; (rs) knit across to the last heel stitch (do not work the last stitch), then turn the work around. There will be 1 stitch unworked.
  • row2; (ws) yo backward, purl to the last st, leaving 1 st unworked at this end of the needle.
  • row3; (rs) yo as usual and knit to the paired sts made by the yo of the previous row (the yo will stick out to the side of unworked st), leaving 3 stitches on the left needle (i.e., do not knit the pair), turn.
  • row4; (ws) yo backward and purl to the paired stitches made by the yo of the previous row – 3 stitches left unworked on left needle.

repeat rows 3 and 4 until there are 12 stitches between yarnovers and then begin the second half as follows;

  • row1; (rs) wrap and knit to the first st of the pair (yo and knit st), k1, correct the mount of the yo, k2tog (the yo with the first st of the next pair) leaving a yo as the first stitch on the left needle.
  • row2; (ws) yo backward, purl to the paired stitch made by the yo of the previous row, purl the first st of the pair, ssp (the yo with the first st of the next pair leaving a yo as the first st on the left needle).
  • row3;(rs) yo as usual, knit to the paired st made by the yo of the previous row, knit the first st of the pair (the following two loops are yo’s), correct the mount of the yo’s, k3tog (the two yo’s with the next st), turn.
  • row4;(ws) yo backward, purl to the next yo, sssp (slip 3 sts knitwise and purl tbl) (the two yo’s with the first st of the next pair)
  • row5; (rs) yo, knit to the next yo, k3 tog, turn.

Repeat rows 4 and 5 until all sts are worked. Wrap sts as usual after turning on final row. (these sts will be purled together with the first instep sts on each side to prevent holes)On last row, knit across sole stitches and purl wrap with first purl stitch of Chart One. (The second wrap will be purled with the last stitch of the instep when you get there)  

Place marker at beginning of round if required.

Resume working CHART ONE on instep stitches and begin working CHART TWO on remaining stitches (make one stitch knitwise as indicated on first row of CHART TWO).

The first round begins with CHART ONE (instep stitches). (67 stitches)

CABLE AND LACE CHART TWO(shows increases in cables on third row of second repeat. After this continue with four stitch cables for remainder of leg.CableLaceTwo Work charts one and two, increasing in each of the two stitch cables (to four stitch cables by kfb of the float between the knits) on the third row of the second repeat. I have shown this on Chart Two – do the same on Chart One. You will have increased a total of 8 stitches. (75 sts)Continuing with the charts, work until ten repeats (or as many as desired) have been completed decreasing in each of the four stitch cables on last row as follows; k1, k2tog, k1. You will now have 70 stitches.Work k1,p1 ribbing on these 70 stitches for approximately two inches.

Bind off loosely.

Enjoy 🙂

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I’ve spent my day reformatting and reloading all of our software.  My norton was acting up so much I tried to fix it, lol.  Fixing didn’t work out so well!  Everything is ‘not quite right’ yet but I’m getting there.  Just about fed up.

It’s probably time to go and knit….

This is what I’m working on, knitting wise….

wheat ear cable yoke from Interweave Knits Summer 07

It’s the ‘Wheat Ear Cable Yoke’ Sweater from IK Summer /07.   I’m using Berocco Ultra Alpaca and it’s so beautifully soft!  Very nice.   I’m doing it in the round because I don’t like seams much.  I’ve lengthened the pattern somewhat, hoping not too much.  Pretty soon I should be done and then I’ll know for sure 🙂

Finished First Mirasol Glove :)

Here’s a picture of the first glove, all done….  Mirasol Glove

 And a look at the inside….Mirasol Glove - Inside Look

I would change a couple things with this pattern.  What I do is knit and then take notes, after each row, as I go.  I find it difficult to write it all out and then knit it.  I have no clue how others figure out their designs, but that’s my way.  With these, I would hold the kroy doubled in the cuff, to make it more fitted.  Also, I would have picked up a couple more stitches in the pinky and next-to-pinky fingers (I caught on and started doing that after those two).  They are a little snug.  But, in the interest of not frogging, because I hate that!, I am going to make the second glove as this first one.  They may be a little imperfect, but at least they will match 🙂

Have to Start Knitting Outside!

Hopefully these pictures will show what I’ve been up to! I WISH I had a before picture to show you how much we have done.

It was the basic subdivision yard with a narrow concrete walkway and a small wooden deck….no gardens around the house except for the one beside the garage (the one I have still to rip out and redo…pictures in future!)

The overall effect is really peaceful and calm…..I’m keeping the gardens sparse and simple to keep this feeling. I love sitting out there so much that I think I may have to take up knitting outside on the rock!Posted by Picasa

Hi! My desire to share has finally overcome my fear of new things computer-ish 🙂

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