My amaryllis is in bloom!  It’s beautiful, the first one I’ve grown.  I bought the bulb before Christmas, at the old house.

It  makes me happy just to look at!

I found a cool thing at a local junk/antique/second hand store…

It was the first thing I noticed, lol.  It’s homemade and big, but I love it.  I’m easily impressed 🙂  It’s a wool winder and I’m using it to wind my roving around.  (Not entirely sure how I would use it or why I would use it as a wool winder, lol)

Here it is…


I figure I’ll make it a little cover and then when I’m not using it I can keep the dust and pet hair off the roving.  I used to keep it in a pillowcase and I like this much better!

We’re STILL waiting for puppies. 


My birthday is coming up and it’s that time of year when I get to buy something extravagant wool wise. I make myself stop if I start getting too practical. Birthdays should be for something special!

My pattern is Jeanie from knitty. I’ve decided it has to be a bit smaller…perhaps shorter and maybe one repeat narrower? I have to take a good look at the pattern to see.  There must be a logical way to make it smaller 🙂  The reason being that I found a beautiful yarn which will leave me somewhat short….

It’s Araucania Ranco Multi ‘Peacock’ and I stopped the madness at 3 skeins.


I bought from The Loopy Ewe – a new online shop for me! I’m always excited about ordering yarn 🙂 Love, love the selection at that shop too…and flat rate shipping is always a bonus!

In the spirit of crazy Birthday Spending and because I want to learn how to use my drop spindle and I have dreams of making beautiful wool….

I bought two kinds of roving!   One is bfl in ‘callow lily’ and one is superwash merino in ‘dusty cornflower’.  Both look beautiful on screen.  I can’t wait to see them in person!  Oooh and touch them too 🙂  May they spin for me!

Check it out…Not the colour I bought but SO pretty!


Now the fun of waiting for my excellent package in the mail!

What Would You Do…

If someone gave this to you?


It’s beautiful hand-spun…I’m not sure how much of each. 

My mom found it at her second hand store..(Loving that store!)

I want to use it for something special…it’s unique and begging to be something special. 

I have a pattern in mind for my next sweater.  It’s the modern lace henley by Pam Allen.  It calls for a sport weight yarn but I’m craving some beautiful fingering weight yarn.  I wonder if I could get away with using a heavier fingering weight and a slightly larger needle?  The lace would end up looser but I wonder if it might work?  I’m planning to make it longer in the body with long sleeves and a more delicate ribbing.  Shall have to see how it goes 🙂  I can always adjust the pattern for my yarn/gauge if need be.

Some ever cute dog pictures;

Miss Daisy warming up by the fire…


Daisy and Dora…


Christmas Time

Christmas 07

We’re all moved and settled in at my parents house.  Our house too now.  It feels sort of strange to say that still but I’m feeling comfortable.  I’ve been cooking and knitting…I’m eating properly again.  When I was going through the last few weeks, food was my last priority! 

It’s so beautiful and quiet in the country!  I love it, forgot how wonderful it is to sit at night and not hear the ‘buzz’ in the background that you can’t get rid of in the city.

The dogs are in doggie heaven here and are getting along pretty well with the others here.  There are now 6 dogs in this house!  LOL.  Lots of sweeping up.  They love not needing a leash though.  Our one, daisy the daschund, needs her leash because she’s like a tasmanian devil energy wise!  The basset and the shitzu are fine without.  They don’t seem to believe in running away. 

I’m hoping, hoping, hoping that I can finish my husbands blanket in time for Christmas.  I have three blocks left to add to (I’m adding about 2″ around those to make them bigger) and then 5 full blocks to make.  If I want to be cheating, I could do one more and make the blanket smaller.  I’d rather it fit the top of our bed though so I like the 80″ x 80″ size best.  60″ x 80″ will just be awkward I think.  I think it’s excellent how well suited the blanket is to this farmhouse though!  Considering this all just ‘came up’, it’s falling into place well 🙂

Heard an excellent saying yesterday I think I will adopt…

Life is not about waiting for the storm to end, it’s about learning to dance in the rain

source unknown.

Here We Go!

So, today is MOVING DAY. 

Tomorrow is moving day too, as needed…but we need to build a fence for the dogs at the new house this weekend as well. 

The house is nearly empty…the children are off to school today and I will clean the upstairs when they are gone.  I’m going to take a bunch of pictures when it’s empty…to show the condition it is in and how it was left.  I think it’s important.

I need to find a burst of energy so I can get everything done today!  The fact I haven’t shattered as of yet says to me that I can make it.  This whole thing has been very difficult…I’m looking forward to having it over and settling in.  Christmas, atm, seems like an afterthought, another small detail….usually its the centre of my season.

I think I may be offline for a few days at least.  The new house has dial up 😦  I’m thinking of getting some accelerator software and trying that?  Can’t hurt.  I’m so used to the highspeed!  Bell offers a free dial up accelerator BUT for one it is not necessarily recommended for Vista and two, it only accelerates 5x….the others I’ve looked at talk about 19x….I like 19 much more than 5! 🙂 

Surrounded by Kindness

I’m amazed by how much we’ve been through in the last week.  

Realizing we would lose the house, pulling together in a way I couldn’t have hoped for — it’s amazing this wonderful family I have!

The children are amazing, resiliant, strong.  They are fabulous at looking on the bright side.  They really pulled together with us and comforted us as much as we comforted them.  I’m so proud of them all. 

My parents are amazing…there for me…understanding…I am blessed.

Kindness from family and friends, strangers.  I’m overwhelmed, comforted…

It’s official, we’re moving in two weeks.  Another blessing…who ever thought I would look at the word ‘foreclosure’ in this way!…the lender is taking over the utilites/home insurance on that day.  This will not be hanging over our heads. 

We can have a fresh start.

I’m even knitting again 🙂  If I concentrate and spend my sleepless nights to their full advantage…I should be able to finish my husbands blanket.  That is a goal, but not something I’m worried about.  Might make a lovely valetines day gift, lol.

Life is good, enjoy your day 🙂