SO Excited!!!

I’m getting a raw shetland fleece!!

And! The news is good…saw my surgeon today and the tests came back negative after my operation. Happy Dance time! I’m walking on clouds today. Ah, and the healing is going perfectly well 🙂

A belated birthday present – the fleece is just over 4 pounds, from a farm in New Brunswick, my very first ebay purchase ever, my first fleece ever.

I totally can’t wait. It’s surprising I’m this excited over dirty sheep, but I really, really am 🙂 It’s listed as ‘charcoal’ so I’m not sure I could dye any – if I felt like trying out dying. Doesn’t matter actually…its the adventure I’m after.

Oh yes, I finished the camp shirt…
Still not thrilled with the sleeves but the handspun worked really well and it’s a comfy sweater to wear.

Not sure, with the shetland, if I will make something fine like that or maybe a really nice outerwear cardigan…decisions for later!

I’m hoping it’s a ‘good’ fleece (as if I would know!) and the final product seems secondary to the learning curve, which I truly enjoy when I’m learning a new craft. I’m reading everything I can find about methods of processing and spinning. I’m leaning toward going slowly with the cleaning, in small batches, and probably trying to keep the locks nice and spin from those since I don’t have carders. I’m pretty sure I can flick card with the dog brushes I have. LOL…again, guessing – I’ve never actually ‘carded’ anything but the flick carders I’ve seen look exactly like dog brushes with longer handles.

I expect, on the outside, I’ll get the fleece in about three weeks. You see, this way, I’ll be pleasantly surprised, hopefully!

I’m off to work on my blanket…


I Have To Have This Camp Shirt!

Now that I’m done surgery (and healing well I’m happy to add!) and my 40th birthday has passed uneventfully…I wanted to do something for me. A little personal pat on the back…


Nice, isn’t it?

I’m using some yarn I spun for the project, superwash merino laceweight in the colour ‘sapphire’, mill ends purchased at The Black Lamb in Port Hope, Ontario. My yarn came out thick and thin (doesn’t it always?) and is roughly lace/light fingering weight. It seems to be working out well in this sweater though I’m pretty sure my guage is off. I’m making the smallest size so there’s a bit of room for that guage issue.

I really don’t tend to worry very much about getting guage and I’m usually pretty lucky.

A little peek…


The colour is off…it’s brighter than the picture shows but it’s so blah here today I’m doubting it’s the day for a better picture…

Check out the newest gadget I’ve reassigned to spinning…


It’s actually a tiered knit dryer with mesh that fits over the bars…I found it at a discount store for about 8 bucks last weekend. I think it’s ideal as a yarn dryer as well, on it’s side like it is!

It’s currently drying a skein of laceweight (for the camp shirt) and some yarn I’ve spun for the African Adventure blanket. That blanket is surely sucking up the yarn, lol. I’ve got good news…it’s not abandoned, just in transition while I respin each colour for it.

Getting There…


This is the blanket, so far. I am spinning more wool now…I think I want it bed sized!

My healing is going ok (I think?), not much pain, am almost done taking my antibiotics (one more today). I’m SUPPOSED to take off the bandage today but I think I’m going to call the surgeon because I’m totally not sure how to do it without pulling off the scab underneath. I’m pretty much terrified to touch it. I would love to leave it but I guess it can’t heal that way!

I’ve been taking it easy, pretty much. I think I’m over the initial shock of it all…no promises…shock seems to reappear whenever it wants.

I totally agree, I need a shopping trip SOMEWHERE but, sadly, with finances as they are it’s probably good I have these wool bins. I will, however, be treating myself to the Spring IK sometime today! In my dream world, I’d be heading for the Spinrite factory sale which is on this week in Listowel. It’s a bit of a drive but it would be so fun to go – fun, I should say, if I could go and spend guilt free.

Again, thanks for the support Joansie, Brenda, Jo and Samm. It was awesome you took the time to comment and it means a lot to me 🙂


I’m having surgery.

And I’m freaking out, somewhat.

I’ve never had surgery, well, not since I had my wisdom teeth removed about 20 years ago. I distinctly remember that, at the time, it meant nothing to me and I didn’t yet have the intelligence to even worry about it! LOL. How things change. To still be twenty and know everything. See why children do the crazy things?

I have to have a cyst removed…quick, easy – they say. They’re also removing part of my breast, around the cyst, to help prevent reoccurance. I’ve been dreaming dreams of hideous deformity for days…not fun, not fun at all. I know it’s just fear talking. I know once it heals there should only be a little ‘dimple’ (isn’t that a nice way to put it?) that you can see on the outside.

Wish me luck, and courage, please.

I think I’ve been obsessing on my new project because it lets me forget to focus on tomorrow.



And there is the fact that I’m turning 40 the end of this month. Forty…truly just a number so why is it bothering me? I look younger than I am and I’m certainly not the most ‘mature’, lol. I just feel like time has snuck up on me.

Staying Inside Where It’s Pretty!


As you can see, it’s not really pretty outside, here, today!! Raining and almost 10 celcius, everything is melting like mad. Guess that groundhog needs a new job…

So, I’m staying inside, working on a really awesome, ambitious project. It’s a blanket called ‘An African Adventure’ by Horst Schulz. It’s a modular knit and a lot of knitting. And it’s for ME. Really. I’m not even going to change my mind and give it to one of the children.

I’ve spun 16 different colours of superwash merino wool. The result is dk/worsted, thick/thin 2 play yarn…a little bit thicker than the original (which was dk) but I’m sure it’ll do nicely.


From top left; Amethyst, Henna, Earth, Pink Frost, Fuchsia, Deep Red


Sky, Lightest Lilac, Purple Mist, (skipping the colours already seen), Coral, Light Coral, Deepest Green


Deep Sky, (skipping colours already seen), Olive Green, Grass, Light Olive

I can’t wait to start this!